Enjoy A Beer With Your Best Friend With These Specialty Beers For Dogs

Oct 2020 | Last modified: September 15, 2023 | 6 min read | By Alex Goldberg

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Your dog is your trusted companion. Your best friend. I mean, they don’t call dogs “man’s best friend” for nothing. He or she is the one who truly gets you. The one who truly loves you for you.

At the end of a hard day, your pooch pal is waiting for you, ready to hear all about your adventures. The two of you can kick back, have beers with your favorite drinking buddy, and relax while enjoying the sunset and…

…wait, what? Did you just say… have a beer with your dog?


…there are now doggie beer products on the market without the toxic ingredients so that you can both drink together. That’s right, MULTIPLE puppy beer brands on the market available right now!

What a country!

Beer For Dogs

Can Dogs Really Drink Alcohol?

Before you call me crazy and sadistic, I KNOW that alcohol can seriously injure or kill your dog.

In fact, beer contains a double whammy of ingredients that could do irreparable damage to your canine companion. Both ethanol and hops, even in small amounts, can prove fatal.

So to be clear, no one on the At Home Brewer team is suggesting you give your dog one of your beers, even the non-alcoholic beer.

Will All Dogs Like The Taste Of It?

Definitely not. Dogs don’t enjoy all food tastes and they certainly won’t enjoy all beer tastes either. You might have to try different flavors before settling on the right one for your four-legged friend.

We had some of our furry friends try three different brands of beers and gauged their interest and excitement.

Remember these two things:

  1. These reviews are for dogs only
  2. Dogs should NEVER drink beer made for humans

Now that we are clear, let the yappy hour begin!

1. Bowser Beer

In 2007 Jenny Brown created Bowser Bits, which are dog pretzels. Even dogs know that beer and pretzels are a perfect match, so naturally a beverage was needed for these thirsty pups.

Bowser Beer is made in the U.S.A. with human-grade beef, chicken, or pork. There is no added salt or fat and of course, there is never alcohol, carbonation or hops included.

This brew is also nutritious, as it contains malt barley which has vitamin B and amino acids, plus glucosamine which EVERY dog knows helps promote healthy joints.

There are three flavors available:

  • Beefy Brown Ale
  • Cock-a-Doodle Brew (Chicken)
  • Porky Pug Porter

Each three or six pack contains all flavors to please every pooch palate. It can be served straight up chilled in a bowl, or pour it right over their dog food. And for dogs with smaller appetites (if such a thing exists) the cap can be resealed, and the beer will last up to a week in the refrigerator.


  • Shelf life of up to two years
  • Multiple Flavors


  • Cannot ship outside the United States
  • Emits a stronger odor which can repel some dogs

2. BarkBrew Pawty Pack

Who doesn’t love a good pawty? And when you and your human friends are throwing them back, it’s only fair to include your pooch pal too.

Pet Winery has a multitude of beverage options, including Dog Pawrignon (filtered water, salmon oil, and organic food coloring), FetchMe Grigio and FetchMe Noir (both bacon-infused and enriched with Omega3-rich salmon oil).

This doggy beer 3-pack comes in two great flavors.

  • (2) Beef Ale
  • (1) Chicken Ale


  • Organic ingredients
  • A variety of non-alcoholic beverages other than just dog beer
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Tastes more like broth than beer (according to some humans)

3. BeerPaws Beer for Dogs

BeerPaws first product was a glow in the dark bottle opener for a dog collar (a GREAT idea) and has moved on to beer biscuits and yes, beer.

This beery-treat is versatile and can be splashed onto food, frozen into ice cube trays for a great treat during the hot summer months, or it can be slowly sipped like we drink our beer… okay, maybe your dog won’t slowly sip anything, but you get the point.

BeerPaws comes in only one flavor: delicious! Made of filtered water, malt extract, beef base, and K9 vegetarian glucosamine, BeerPaws is a flavorful option for the most finicky of dog eaters.

Single bottles contain eight ounces of beer, and six packs are sold as well. Plus, BeerPaws sells a wide variety of dog-related food and gear, plus some nifty stuff for humans as well. BeerPaws is a proud sponsor of doggie causes and local breweries.


  • Good for picky eaters and drinkers
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Most expensive option
  • Only one flavor

4. Brew Biscuit Dog Treats

This isn’t a beer for your dog to drink, but it is a snack made from a beer ingredient that your dog will love to eat. 

These dog treats from Portland Pet Food Company are made with grains from local micobreweries in the Portland, Oregon area.

Instead of discarding and wasting the spent grains, these local breweries are supplying the used grains so they can make healthy treats for your furry friend.

These treats are made with barley, 100% natural peanut butter, bacon, eggs, and other natural ingredients.  Besides these Bacon Brew Biscuits, they also make Pumpkin Biscuits too.

Can Humans Drink Dog Beer?

Most dog beer is made up of ingredients that are generally safe for humans. However, these ingredients, like meat, often contain bones and by-products that are not recommended for humans and long-term consumption.

When food is cooked, it will kill bacteria, but since dog beer is not cooked, that increases the risk for humans.

The bigger question would be WHY would you want to drink beer made for dogs when you have perfectly good human beer at the ready? (REMINDER: get more beer next time you go shopping so this thought won’t even cross your mind.)

Final Say

All these beers are safe for dogs to drink. The X factor is whether or not your dog will enjoy the flavor. Since these beers cost a bit more per ounce than human beer (but your dog is WORTH it, we know) you may want to purchase an option with multiple flavor choices.

You and your friends love to kick back and drink cold brews together. Now that experience can be enjoyed with your best friend and most trusted companion.

Next time you shop for beer, make sure you have some dog beer on hand too.

Cheers and Paws!

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