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Best Beer Bottle Coolers & Can Insulators To Keep Your Drinks Ice Cold

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Most people prefer to drink their beer or soda cold as possible.  Using one of these best beer bottle coolers or can insulators can keep your your beverage cold for as long as possible. 

We all know, especially in the hot summer-time, how hard it can be to keep your drinks cool for a long amount of time.  You always want whatever you are drinking, especially a beer, to be frosty cold.

Unless you have a butler tending to your outdoor bar, or an outdoor fridge with beer and wine on ice, you may need some assistance in maintaining the perfect temperature of your beer bottle for as long as necessary.

Beer bottle coolers are thermally insulated and is the best way to maintain the crisp flavor and temperature of your beer, making sure your beer stays cold and refreshing.

Table of Contents

Our Top 10 Bottle & Can Insulators

The Best Way To Keep Beer Bottles & Cans Cold

The best way to keep your beer bottle cold is to start with an already chilled bottle. Most of these bottle coolers are made to keep a drink that is already cold from getting warm, so it is usually best to make sure your can or bottle cooler is already chilled.

Some bottle coolers can be kept in beer fridges or freezers so they will be ready to use when you are. You can use whichever is more convenient to your needs.

What To Look For Before Buying

Since there are many different coolers on the market, you need to pick the can or beer bottle cooler that is right for your drink. While some of the products listed below work with most or all beer containers, and many are specific to certain sizes and work for only bottles or cans.

There is no shortage of styles, colors, and manufacturers when it comes to searching for the perfect bottle cooler or can koozie, so it’s always best to do a little research before you buy.

The Size Of The Bottle Or Can

You no doubt have a favorite beer, so you already probably know the size of the bottle or can. Is it a 12 ounce bottle? A 12 ounce can? Does the beer you like come in a thicker pint can or is it a slim can style?

It doesn’t make much sense to buy a beer cooler that won’t work with your specific beer choice. The best options are the ones that are most versatile, but you may only be dealing with one type of bottle or can.

What The Bottle or Can Cooler Is Made Of

Bottle and can coolers and are made from neoprene, leather, polyester, vinyl, stainless steel or rubber. The material use will have a direct effect on how long it will take before your drink turns too warm to enjoy.

Durability is also a factor as you don’t want to replace your can or bottle cooler with regularity. Some that are made cheap materials can easily tear or break, but one made of quality materials can last for many years under normal use.

The Insulation Ability

The method of insulation will determine how long your beer will stay cold.

Do you just want to keep your beer cold for 30 minutes, or a few hours? If you plan on being outside on a hot day, you might want to get a better insulated product, but if you just want to keep your drink chilled while drinking around the house or in the garage, a simple neoprene style will be fine.

Best 10 Beer Bottle Coolers & Can Insulators

Picking the absolute best beer bottle cooler is truly subjective, but we are happy to review some of the top beer bottle coolers that are available on and many retailers.

There are a variety of different beer bottle coolers, ranging from stainless steel to vacuum insulated to a can cooler neoprene sleeve. We will explore a variety of options to help you decide which beer cooler is best for your can or bottle holder needs. Most of these are in stock and available for shipping online.

Here is our list of 10 best bottle and can insulators to keep your “cold drink” colder longer.

Asobu Frosty Beer 2 Go Stainless Steel Beer Bottle & Can Cooler

The Asobu Frosty Beer 2 Go has a reason why it has “frosty beer” in the name.  It is a product that can double as a bottle holder as well as a soda or beer can cooler. It’s vacuum insulated double walled stainless steel design will keep your beer chilled for hours at a time.

The insulated stainless steel, double-walled jacket covers the whole bottle to keep the bottle chilled longer. All you have to do is chill your drink to the temperature of your choice, and then put the bottle or can in the insulated container.

This bottle cooler is attractive, comes with a built in bottle opener, and also has a variety of color and options.

asobu frosty beer 2 go beer bottle chiller

Asobu Frosty Beer 2 Go Pros

  • Designed for both bottles and cans
  • Vacuum insulated and double-walled
  • Built-in bottle opener

Asobu Frosty Beer 2 Go Cons

  • Might be too bulky for smaller hands

Orca Rocket Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel 12oz Cooler/Can Koozie

This Orca Rocket vacuum insulated stainless steel beer bottle cooler fits a standard 12 ounce beer bottle, as well as a 12oz beer or soda can. It can maintain the cold temperature of a beer for up to 12 hours without any outer condensation.

The 2 body components fit snugly together to create a sturdy drink base when in “can mode.” It contains anti-microbial treated neoprene strips which help to hold the can or bottle firmly in place, reducing the risk of spillage, and has a copper-clad inner wall for better temperature control.

This product works great for 12oz bottles, but with many craft beers coming in the larger 16oz bottles, we wish this bottle cooler could accommodate the larger bottle sizes, but they don’t.  It also has a bottle opener on the bottom.

orca rocket bottle cooler

Orca Rocket Pros

  • Neoprene strips hold the bottle or can securely in place
  • No outer condensation
  • Can maintain temperature for up to 12-hours

Orca Rocket Cons

  • Does not fit all bottles or the larger craft beer cans

BrüMate Hopsulator Slim Double-Walled Stainless Steel Insulated Can Cooler

The BruMate Hopsulator comes in 25 different colors and features double-walled stainless steel with an extra layer of copper that makes this one of the best beer coolers, cooling up to 20 times better than a regular neoprene can cooler.

It uses BevGuard Technology to ensure your drink stays cold without the metallic after-taste that other products have.

No matter how hot outside it outside, and how cold your drink is, there will never be any condensation on the outside surface of the cooler or your furniture.

brumate hopsulator slim

Although this can cooler will keep your beer from getting warm, the outside of the sleeve can get hot to the touch if sitting in the sun.

BrüMate Hopsulator Slim Pros

  • Keeps your drink cool 20x longer than standard neopreme
  • 25 different colors to choose from
  • Made for slim beer cans and energy drinks (Not Heineken)

BrüMate Hopsulator Slim Cons

  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Outside can get hot to the touch from sitting in the sun

Premium Stainless-Steel Beer Bottle Chiller Sticks

No more warm beer when using these stainless steel beer bottle chill sticks. This innovative device keeps your beer nice and cold from inside the bottle!

Chill these stainless steel sticks in the freezer for about 3 hours before using, (although 45 minutes might do) then insert these in your beer bottle and enjoy! Just make sure you take a sip first, and that the beer bottle is at least 8.5 inches tall.

These beer chiller sticks are made of food-grade stainless-steel and completely safe to use. They are dishwasher safe and very durable, and even has a bottle opener on the end for even more convenience. These are only good for bottles of beer as well as some soda bottles.

It really does keep the beer refreshing cold, but it does take a bit of getting used to drinking out of it.

stainless steel bottle chiller sticks

Beer Bottle Chiller Stick Pros

  • Simple to use – Won’t water down or dilute your beer
  • Keep in the freezer until ready to use

Beer Bottle Chiller Stick Cons

  • Might be too long for some bottles
  • Feels strange drinking from the bottle

BottleKeeper Standard 2.0 Beer Bottle Insulator

Featured on Shark Tank, the BottleKeeper has 15 different color options, and the insulated bottle holder keeps your standard 12 ounce beer bottles cold for up to six hours. (But who takes 6 hours to finish a beer?)

This bottle holder is built to last because it is made from durable 304-grade stainless steel.  And because the cap seals the enclosed glass bottle, it is protected from breakage.

It has an attached lid that will completely cover the bottle in between sips, and protect the bottle from breaking if accidentally dropped.

It can also be personalized and engraved, making it an excellent groomsman or Father’s Day gift that any Dad would like. There is also a built in bottle opener for a little bit extra convenience.

bottlekeeper standard 2.0

While this will certainly keep your beer cold, and fit most bottles, there are some beer bottles that it won’t work with.

BottleKeeper 2.0 Pros

  • Can be engraved for a personal gift
  • Padded base for better shock absorption to protect the bottle
  • Lifetime guarantee

BottleKeeper 2.0 Cons

  • Does not have vacuum insulation
  • Will not fit some craft beer bottles

YETI Rambler Colster, Vacuum Insulated, Stainless Steel Drink Insulator

This YETI Rambler Colster rustproof stainless steel beer or soda can holder is tough, durable, and built to not only last, but to last without cracking, fading or peeling. It locks your beverage into place and features double-walled vacuum insulation that keeps your drink cooler for a longer period of time.

This can and bottle cooler is dishwasher safe, available in 15 different colors, and has a “No Sweat Design” which means that your beer stays cool, but your hands stay warm. It also contains a stash can with a lid that hides your valuables from view.

This model will hold standard 12 ounce bottles or cans, but just know that a bottle will not be completely insulated because of the bottle length.

yeti rambler best bottle cooler

HETI Rambler Colster Pros

  • One of the most popular selling drink insulator
  • Double-walled vacuum insulation
  • Bottles and cans lock securely in place

HETI Rambler Colster Cons

  • One of the more expensive drink insulators (But it’s a YETI)

Thermos Stainless Steel Beverage Can Insulator

Everybody already knows the name. Thermos stainless steel beverage insulation products have been keeping drinks cold (and hot) for decades. This beer or soda holder has stainless on both the interior and exterior surfaces, and uses vacuum insulation for the best hot or cold temperature retention.

The innovative design can keep an aluminum can chilled for up to three hours, or up to 10 times longer than a standard can. You can even remove the rubber trim and use the container as a drinking cup too.

This Thermos stainless steel beverage can cooler has a sweat-proof design so it won’t leave condensation rings on your coffee table or kitchen table. Unlike similar models, this can Koozie has a rubber grip so you will always have a firm hold without losing your grip.

thermos stainless steel can cooler

This product is only designed for cans, not for those interested in beer bottle coolers. If you plan on using this can cooler with a SODA can while driving, it will fit most vehicle cup holders, but not all.

Thermos Beverage Can Insulator Pros

  • Works for both hot and cold drinks
  • Fits most vehicle cup holders
  • Great price

Thermos Beverage Can Insulator Cons

  • Shouldn’t have to work so hard to remove the label
  • Rubber ring can slip off

BruMate Hopsulator Trio 3-in-1 Stainless Steel Insulated Can Cooler

If you like beverages in a variety of sizes then try this BrüMate Hopulator Trio 3-in1 which can handle 12 ounce cans, most 16 ounce craft brew cans, and it can be also be used as a 16 ounce tumbler for hot drinks too.

This model works perfectly with a 16oz can as is, but to use it with a 12oz can, you much first insert the gel pack that is included.

This can cooler will keep drinks 20x cooler than a standard neoprene holder due to the double-walled stainless steel interior with the copper lining. It has push-lock technology that keeps your can securely in place, and two flat sides so it is easy to hold.

brumate hopsulator 3-in-1

Keep in mind that this is not intended to chill a warm beverage, but will keep an already chilled can cool. Also, if you are looking for something to keep your slim cans cool, this will not work.  BruMate makes another model that will fit the slimmer cans.

BrüMate Hopsulator Trio 3-in-1 Pros

  • Works with most standard 12oz and 16oz craft beer cans
  • Can be used as a hot or cold 16oz tumber
  • Exterior stays cool and dry when drinking hot or cold liquids

BrüMate Hopsulator Trio 3-in-1 Cons

  • Plastic lid can leak
  • Will not work with slim cans

KelvZ Finger Grip Insulated Can Cooler

KelvZ uses 18/8 stainless steel with double interior walls that keeps your beer cold and condensation-free for a long time. The unique design includes finger grooves so you don’t have to worry about your koozie slipping out of your hands.

The KelvZ Finger Grip is a fit for both 12 ounce standard cans and bottles, giving it more versatility than many of the other similar products. Also included are two extra beer coolies which are also good for both beer cans and bottles.

Many people like giving beer bottle and can koozies as a gift and have them personalized. This one is probably not suited for engraving because of the finger grooves in the design.

kelvz stainless can cooler

KelvZ Finger Grip Pros

  • Attractive design with finger grips
  • Comes with two extra bottle/can Coolies
  • Lightweight 18/8 stainless steel construction

KelvZ Finger Grip Cons

  • Does not have a snug fit for all can styles
  • Have to remove the lid to put in the can

Neoprene Beer Bottle Insulator Sleeves

These no-frills neoprene beer bottle insulator sleeves do the job, and is very easy and convenient to use.  Just slide in your beer and zip it up.  These bottle coolers are better constructed than other similar models because they use stitching in the construction instead of glue.

Perfect for outdoor events all year round, and will keep your hands from getting cold in the winter or the bottles getting warm in the summer.

It fits regular sized 12 ounce long neck beer bottles, but does not work with over-sized bottles, short bottles, or any size can.

set of 4 neoprene bottle sleeves

These zipper-style sleeves are lightweight, easy to carry and store, and most can tossed in the washing machine when they need to be cleaned. It also has a handy bottle opener included on each bottle.

Although this neoprene style might not be the best of the best beer coolers, and your beer might not stay cold as long as bottle coolers, they will keep your drink cold long enough for you to finish drinking it. For what you get, they are reasonably priced and comes in a four-pack of different colors, which makes it easy to know which drink is yours.

Neoprene Bottle Insulator Sleeve Pros

  • Built-In Bottle Opener
  • Can be cleaned using the washing machine
  • Comes in a set of four

Neoprene Bottle Insulator Sleeve Cons

  • The material can tear
  • Not for oversized or stubby bottles

Why Use A Beer Bottle Cooler?

It’s easy to keep a beer at the perfect temperature in a standard refrigerator or beer fridge. The problem is maintaining the right temperature once your beer is out in the open and being consumed. No one wants to have a room temperature drink with still half the beer left in the bottle or can.

In fact, using an insulated cooler can reduce the rate of a drink warming in the sun by up to 50% or more, and using one can protect your glass bottle from breaking, especially if the cooler is made from stainless steel.

Final Say On The Best Beer Bottle Coolers and Can Koozies

It is not easy to say which one is the best beer cooler. They are made by many different manufacturers, made with different materials, and come in various sizes, styles, colors, and prices.  To be honest, you will probably have a hard time finding just ONE that will take care of all types of beer cans and bottles.

Fortunately, it’s easy to get your hands on one of more of these best beer bottle and can coolers without spending a small fortune.  There are a number of great options that will fit your personal preferences and keep your beverage frosty and ice cold.

If you prefer drinking beer from a bottle, our personal favorite from the best beer cooler list is the Asobu Frosty Beer 2 Go, which will keep your beer nice and cold for hours and has sold to many satisfied customers. 

For those who drink most of their beer from aluminum cans, the YETI Rambler Colster is our top choice.  Although it costs more than other can insulators on our list, it’s just because it’s another quality product made by YETI.


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