The Easiest Way To Get Started In Homebrewing: Mr Beer Premium Gold Edition Beer Kit Review

Mr Beer
Premium Gold Edition
Beer Kit Review

Mr Beer is the perfect craft beer kit for beginner brewers who are looking for the simplest way to make a batch of beer

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If you are truly looking for a beer making kit for beginners, this has to be it.

The Mr Beer Premium Gold Edition beer brewing kit is almost fool-proof and will allow you to make 2-gallons of craft beer. Because of the simplicity, this kit gets the nod as one of the easiest home brewing kit for beginners.

This beer kit is a great choice if you just want to brew your own beer, without the extra equipment, extra brewing steps, and the extra time of other brewing kits.

Along with a few basic kitchen items, you can start brewing your own craft beer as soon as you open the box.

Mr Beer Premium Gold Edition Complete Beer Making Kit Review

If you are a beer lover, there’s no better time than now to jump in the world of craft beer and home brewing. Brands like Mr Beer make it so easy you’d wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

This Premium Gold Edition Starter Kit has virtually everything you need to brew up a batch of beer right in your own home, and it only takes 30 minutes compared to 8 or 9 hours with traditional brewing.

Mr Beer Brewing Kit Features

The 2 gallon keg fermenter, called the “Little Brown Keg” is easily the most recognizable part of the brewing kit.

It’s shatterproof and UV-resistant so you can put it nearly anywhere in your house without worrying about the light or sun ruining your beer.

There’s also a built-in airlock to keep out contaminants, while still allowing the bubbling CO2 to escape. The top has a wide opening which means it’s easy to pour the wort into the fermenter, and then clean for the next batch.

The spigot is mounted to the fermenting keg in a position where it will collect the yeast and sediment to make your beer as clear as possible when it’s time to transfer the beer to the bottles.

When fermentation is complete, use the spigot to fill the bottles with your brewed beer, add a carbonation drop, and then seal the bottles with the caps.

mr beer keg features

This kit also comes with the liquid malt extract that is already “hopped”.  Having the LME already hopped means you don’t have to worry about adding your hop additions at a specific time.

Unlike most home brewing kits, Mr Beer already has the bottles included. The kit comes with eleven 750ml plastic bottles and the caps. No need to buy additional glass bottles, crown bottle caps, and a bottle capper.

Also included are a pack of carbonation tablets to create those desired bubbles and foam head. Although I do prefer adding a water and corn sugar solution to an entire batch of beer for carbonation, adding a carbonation drop or tablet to each bottle takes out the guesswork and makes it much easier.

And when you are done, all the equipment is reusable the next time you brew. All you need to do is order another home brew refill kit from 10 different options.

Don’t forget to check for a leaky spigot BEFORE you add the beer to the fermenter!

What's Included In The Kit

Mr Beer thought of everything, so you can start making your home brew the moment it arrives at your door.

The Mr Beer Gold Addition home brewing beer kit comes with everything listed below:

  • 2-gallon fermenting keg with lid
  • Spigot
  • No-rinse cleanser packet
  • Liquid hopped malt extract (Saves time and helps reduce possible contamination)
  • Yeast packet
  • Carbonation drops
  • (11) 750ml reusable plastic bottles
  • Bottle caps
  • Bottle labels
  • Easy to follow printed instructions

mr beer premium gold contents

What's Needed But Not Included

More than likely, these items can probably already be found in your kitchen.

When you brew 5-gallon batches of beer using other beer kits, a larger brewing kettle will be needed. But with this Mr Beer kit, a much smaller pot will be fine.

Have a look at our review page of the best brewing kettles if you want to keep your home brewing equipment separate from your regular household items.

  • 3-quart stock pot
  • Whisk or metal stirring spoon
  • Can opener
  • Measuring cup
  • Two gallons of refrigerated water (Do not used distilled water)


These few items are definitely not required to brew with the Mr Beer kit, but can be used to make your brewing day a little easier.

  • Hydrometer: To measure the ABV and the only way to know for sure if fermentation has completed
  • Funnel: Makes cleaning and sanitizing bottles easier
  • Rubber spatula: Helps to get all the LME out of the can
  • Flashlight: To see the fermentation process through the dark fermenter


  • Offers a quick and easy home brewing process
  • Has bottles, caps, and labels included
  • Great for brewing small batches of beer
  • Ingredients come from Coopers Beer Brewery in Australia
  • Inexpensive


  • Spigot may leak if not installed correctly
  • Bottle caps may not always provide a tight seal which will make the beer flat
  • Not much control over the brewing process

Other Beer Kits To Consider

While this premium gold edition beer brewing kit is an easy way to make your own craft beer, there are many other starter kits available if you are looking for just a 1 gallon kit, or a larger 5 gallon setup.

Depending on what you are looking for, there are basic 5 gallon home brewing kits under $100, and also more expensive and advanced kits with all the bells and whistles.

Have a look at our Best Homebrewing Kits review page to see all the different options that are available.

Final Say

Brewing your own beer doesn’t have to be complicated. Using this beer making kit is really just like following a recipe when you make dinner. If you can read a recipe from a cook book, you can brew beer.

And the price for the Mr Beer brewing kit should cost you less than $50.00.

Many other beer making kits on the market will make 5-gallons of craft beer, but those kits require more equipment, more space, and more time.

I’m not sure if you will win any awards at a beer festival with this kit, but if you are just looking for a stripped-down and simple way to make your own beer, this Mr Beer Premium Gold Edition beer kit is worth checking out.

Happy Brewing!

Mr Beer Premium Gold Home Brewing Starter Kit
mr beer premium gold beer kit
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