The Best Italian Beer: 10 Beers From Italy Worth Trying

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Peroni Italian Beer Bottles

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Everyone knows that Italy is popular for its wine and delicious cuisine.

When people think of countries that are known for their beer, Germany, Belgian, and Poland often comes to mind. What most people don’t know is that Italy also has a thriving beer scene.

Over the years, Italy has made huge strides in improving their beer game and they now produce many different types of beers which are used as an accompaniment to their tasty Italian dishes.

10 Of The Best Beers From Italy

Here is a review of what we think are 10 of the best Italian beers.

We have handpicked these beers because of their unique Italian flavor and quality. Plus, they are also the most favorite brands amongst international beer enthusiasts.

Before we get started with our review, please note that beer taste is subjective, and you may not like all brands. You may therefore have to sample several for you to find one that pleases your taste buds.

1. Peroni Nastro Azzuro Import Lager

With an alcoholic strength of 5.1%, Nastro Azzuro is a premium pilsner beer that has got a taste of hop and citrus fruit.

It’s brewed by Peroni di Roma and its production started over 50 years ago. This makes it one of the oldest beers in Italy. Nastro Azzuro is the prize that was won by Rex, the famous ocean liner. And that’s where this beer got its name from.

This beer is made using local corn that is natively grown in Italy. Peroni, the brewer only uses high-quality corn and that’s why this beer has got a distinct taste. Though known as Peroni by the locals, when it’s exported to other countries, it goes by the name Nastro Azzuro.

2. Lambrate Ghisa

If you prefer a beer with a delicate bitter taste, this Lambrate Ghisa just might be the ideal beer for you.

Comprising of an ABV of 5% and a thick-cappuccino-colored foam, this beer boasts of a smoked stout style. It has got notes of dried fruit, cocoa, and licorice.

And it’s pitch black with a moderate tan head. Its delightful and complex flavor will leave you yearning for more after taking your first sip.

lambrate ghisa

3. Birra Moretti

Birra Moretti is a popular international beer made by Luigi Moretti, and is widely available in most countries. There have been speculations regarding this brand claiming that it’s not truly an Italian beer.

These rumors mostly point back to when Birra Moretti was absorbed by Heineken Italia, which is a Dutch brewer, in 1996. Though true, Birra Moretti was ‘born and raised’ in Italy, specifically in Udine.

During the late 1800s, Birra Moretti was so popular that public places and buildings bore its name. Having established that this is a beer with an Italian heritage, let’s look at its taste.


Beer enthusiasts can expect a smooth taste that is a bit sweet on the palate. It boasts of a combination of wholesome bread and a citrus hop taste.

4. LoveBeer BeerBera

This wild ale is one of the most popular Italian beers and perfect for winding up after a long and tiresome day.

It has got an ABV of 8% and is one of LoverBeer’s most popular beers. The unique taste of BeerBera comes from Barbera grape juice that the brewery sources directly from Alba.

It has got a virtually non-existent head and an enticing red color that is characterized by its sour notes of raspberry, cherry, and tart grapes.

lovebeer beerbera

5. Le Baladin Wayan Saison

The LeBaladin Wayan Saison is an Italian brewed beer that has got both a refreshing taste and an interesting history.

In the year 2000, Teo, the brewer of this beer dedicated this beer to his daughter named her Wayan, meaning firstborn. He used a light peppery note which signified Wayan’s “peppery” character.

As she grew old, he continued adding different types of pepper to match Wayan’s personality. Now 21 years later, LeBaladin Wayan Saison has evolved into a more delightful Italian beer.

The first thing that captures your attention when taking this beer is the aroma of mixed spices and fruits. It’s made using 17 different ingredients which gives it the unique taste.

Le Baladin wayan saison

6. Birrificio Del Ducato Verdi Imperial Stout

It isn’t like most Italian brewers to make a stout, more so imperial stout.

That’s why Birrificia Del Ducato Verdi Imperial Stout made the list. Upon tasting, we were welcomed by the pleasant aromas of bread pudding, espresso, dark chocolate, and licorice.

The taste was entirely different since it was characterized by notes of oaky spice, molasses, and vanilla. We have to applaud Birrificia Del Ducato on blending a smooth creamy texture with a slight bitterness in every sip of this imperial stout.

verdi imperial stout

7. Brewfist Spaghetti Western Grappa Barrel

Brewed by Brewfist in Codogno, this is another excellent stout that has its origins in Italy.

With an 8.7% ABV, this stout is made using cocoa nibs, coffee, and one of Italy’s favorite meal – spaghetti! Its aroma of peppery coffee, caramel, and grape juice is exhilarating.

It has got a taste of dark espresso and chocolate flavors sweetened with light molasses which are packed in a thin black body with a light tan.

brewfist spaghetti western grappa

8. Brewfist Spaceman IPA

This India Pale Ale is another popular Italian beer made by the Italian brewer Brewfist.

It has an ABV of 7% and it’s an American-style beer. It pours a rich golden ale color and gives off a citric aroma blended with caramel and grapefruits.

The Spaceman IPA also tastes as good it smells. So you get the taste of citrus and malt. Because of the hop character, the finish is very bitter and dry.

brewfist spaceman ipa

9. Birrificiao Italiano Cassissona

Birrificio Italiano Cassissona is a fruit beer with an alcohol percentage of 6.4%.

Just from what its name suggests, this beer’s main ingredient is Cassis. It has that aroma and taste which is accompanied by a strong malt backbone.

One of the distinctive features of this beer is the natural taste that it offers. This is something beer enthusiasts will really appreciate especially if you remember we are living in an era where many brewers only provide an artificial taste in their craft beer.

cassissona black currant

10. Baladin Noel Cafe

Remember Teo, the brewer of Le Baladin Wayan Saison?

Well, he is also the same guy who came up with Noel Café, which of course was dedicated to Christmas. Noel is a top-fermented and non-pasteurized Italian beer.

It has got a 9% ABV and continues to referment when it’s in the bottle. When poured, it has a strong dark color, and it gives off the aromas of coffee and dried biscuits.

Teo’s interesting personality is amongst the reasons that his beers, including the Noel, have grown to be so popular ever since he opened up his brewery in 1996.

baladin noel strong ale

Where To Find These Italian Beers

Italy is fast becoming a player in the craft beer industry.

If you are a true beer lover who is tired of drinking the same beer from the same brewery, you might want to change it up and try a few of these beers that were born and brewed in Italy.

But don’t worry if you are not planning a trip to Italy any time soon.

If you can’t find these particular beers on the shelves of your local liquor store, make sure to check Many of these beers can be found and ordered from Drizly, and have them delivered to your door.

Another option for sampling beer from other countries is to try the International Beer Club. You won’t be guaranteed that Italian beer will be included in the shipment, but you will get to try different beers that are brewed all across Europe.


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