A 2022 Review of the Beer of the Month Club From Clubs of America

Beer Of The Month Club From Clubs Of America

The Beer of the Month Club from Clubs of America hand-selects the finest domestic craft beers from small microbreweries across the United States and delivers them to your door.

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Holiday’s, birthdays, and special occasions are always around the corner, and happening every month. While we never need an excuse to enjoy a delicious and fresh craft beer, now is the time to start thinking about a gift.

How about getting a loved one (or yourself) a fantastic gift to a craft Beer of the Month Club from Clubs of America?

Clubs of America Beer of the Month Club Review

Clubs of America is a subscription service that offers eight different clubs and sends various products to the customer on a monthly or regularly scheduled basis.

It all began with the Beer of the Month Club, which was created over 25 years ago, and has since expanded into 8 unique gift subscription boxes.

The Beer of the Month Club is a monthly beer subscription service, bringing quality craft beer made from independent microbreweries across the United States.

It’s pretty impressive when you think about Clubs of America has shipping over three million orders to over 100,000 customers across the country since they began.

Who is the Club For?

This club is for fans and drinkers of craft beer who are looking to explore beer flavors and styles they may have never had the opportunity to taste before.  It’s always a great way to move away from your usual beer choices and drink something different.

It’s perfect for people who want a large variety of beer, as their selection includes Ales, IPAs, Stouts, Porters, Lagers, Bocks, and seasonal varieties as well.

Also, of course and most important, this beer club is for U.S. citizens who are 21 or older.

What Does the Membership Include?

The Membership includes a regular shipment of twelve 12-ounce beers, and the shipments can be scheduled monthly, bi-monthly, or even quarterly.

Subscriptions are flexible, and can be purchased from just two months up to 12 months, or even open ended. Each order contains three bottles or cans each of four different varieties.

what is included in clubs of america beer club

And yes, seasonal beers are selected for appropriate times throughout the year.

Also included is the Beer Expeditions Newsletter, which gives details on the breweries featured in that months shipment, tasting notes, food pairings, plus more bonus information and fun facts.

If you are purchasing this as a gift for someone else, you can also have personalized emails sent to the recipient before each order ships.

What is the Beer Selection Process?

Keeping up with all the new beers being brewed around the country can be a full time job.

The beer selection team is constantly on the lookout for new, interesting, and unique craft beers to include in the beer subscription box.

These craft beer experts are always searching for the best beers, especially new award-winning brews from established and up and coming breweries.

They will also pick seasonal beers based on the time of year as well.

Shipping Information

The beer is packaged in special containers to keep them safe from damage. All monthly beer club orders are shipped via the usual carrier services.

Keep in mind, an adult signature is required, so it is best to request shipping to a place where you will be during the day, be it at home or at an office.

They do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii or any other country, only the 48 contiguous states, and orders are scheduled to arrive the third or fourth week of the month.


The current cost is $44.95 a month, unless you purchase a 12-month plan which saves a bit of money. Here is the cost breakdown of their monthly plans:

  • 2 month plan – $89.90 ($44.95 a month)
  • 3 month plan – $134.85 ($44.95 a month)
  • 4 month plan – $179.80 ($44.95 a month)
  • 6 month plan – $269.70 ($44.95 a month)
  • 12 month plan – $514.40 ($42.87 a month)

The cost of shipping is included, so your order comes down to roughly $3.75 per beer. Under the 12-month plan, that comes down to roughly $3.57 per beer.

How to Order

Ordering is easy! Just go to their website, choose your club, and click on the Order Now button on the right of the page. Then choose which monthly plan you want.

If it’s a gift for someone else, you will be able to specify a separate address and write a message. Remember: someone 21 or older must sign for the product so have ID handy and make sure the order is delivered where you or the recipient will be during the day.


  • No minimum commitment of membership
  • Price includes free shipping, making it one of the more affordable of the monthly beer club choices
  • Favorites can be reordered at a competitive price (12 or 24 packs)
  • Great variety of quality beer


  • Does not include any international beer selections
  • No shipping to Alaska or Hawaii
  • No say in the beers you receive (other clubs let you omit a type of beer you do not want)

Things to Know Before Joining

While the selection is tremendous and experiencing new beers can be very rewarding, there are a few things to keep in mind.

If you love only cans or only bottles, you are not able to get just one or the other, as their products are mixed. Also, this is domestic beer only, so if you want international beers in your club, you should have a look at another beer subscription.

One club that might interest you is the U.S and International Variety Beer Club, which is a combination of craft beers from both the United States and International breweries.

Recent Beer Selections

The whole idea of joining a beer club is to drink beer that is not readily available where you live.  You can be sure that you will get a new beer each shipment, and won’t receive a duplicate beer from a previous month.

While the website does not list specific recent beers, here is a list of U.S. microbreweries that have been included in recent monthly packages:

  • Butte Creek’s Winter Ale
  • Coast Range’s California Blonde Ale
  • Great Divide’s Denver Pale Ale
  • Local Color’s Smooth Talker Pilsner
  • Pony Express’ 75th Street Brown Ale
  • Rock Creek’s Devil’s elbow India Pale Ale
  • Rockies’ Amber Ale
  • Snake River’s Lager

7 Other Clubs in the Clubs of America Family

Yes the Craft Beer Club was their first club launched, so it’s know wonder why it is the most popular. But there are also seven more clubs that might be worth taking a look at.

If you have a hard time deciding which club you should choose, Clubs of America allows you to mix and match your clubs.  This will give you an opportunity to experience a wider variety.

  • Wine
  • Pizza
  • Coffee
  • Cigars
  • Chocolate
  • Fruit
  • Flowers
Click here to check out their other club options.

Ready to Join The Club?

While most beer clubs are generally very similar, the small differences will make the difference in which club you join.

Because of the low cost, high quality, and flexibility in membership, Club of America’s Beer of the Month Club is a fantastic option. This is especially true for those who enjoy a wide variety of domestic craft beers.

Also keep in mind that this is a fantastic gift for anyone who loves craft beer, especially domestic craft beer.

You can get your holiday shopping or birthday gift done with a few clicks right now.

Of course, we only recommend getting this as gift for a special friend who is willing to SHARE these delicious beers with you. Sometimes gifts should come with some strings attached.


P.S. If you are can’t decide on a particular monthly beer club, check out our page for other beer of the month clubs to join.

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