Best Unique Gifts For Beer Lovers and Homebrewers

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Beer gifts for a special occasion

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Whether it’s holiday season or a special birthday, you clearly know someone who would love to celebrate it with beer. The OBVIOUS gift
would be, of course, more beer.

But what do you get beer lovers who are already well stocked? What do you get the beer lover who has already been around the world in bottles and cans? What special and unique gifts would bring a smile to their hoppy faces?

We listed some of the best gifts for beer lovers, along with some unique gifts and accessories for homebrewers.

The Best Gifts For Homebrewers and Beer Lovers

If you want to jump right to some of the best beer gifts, check out these 17 cool beer gifts and gadgets that your gift recipient will be sure to love.

A Beer of the Month Club

What better than the gift that keeps on giving… for once a month, as long as you want the subscription to last.

Once a month a package of different beers arrive at the doorstep. There is a club for most beer lovers out there.

A club membership is one of the best beer lover gifts. And if your beer lover already has a membership in one of these clubs, consider a club that offers a compliment to beer. Both and Clubs of America offer a multitude of different and monthly clubs such as wine, cigar, flower, pizza and much more. beer of the month club

A craft beer of the month club is probably one of the best gift you can get for someone who really loves different styles of beer from around world.

If you need a little help figuring out what club to choose, have a look at our detailed reviews of MonthlyClubs, The Original Craft Beer Club, Clubs of America, and Beer Drop.

The BroBasket

Dude, sometimes a bro needs a basket. The BroBasket is a one of the best beer gift baskets and best beer gift I’ve seen.

They have multiple beer bouquets to choose from, ranging from craft beer to a hop heads IPA gift basket, to beer and beef jerky, which is a perfect combination. The Bro Basket has much more than beer, including whisky, scotch, and tequila baskets as well.

They also have boozeless gift baskets but, well, you are reading a beer blog right now so those are probably not what you are looking for.

bro basket

Northern Brewer 5-Gallon Deluxe Starter Homebrew Kit

Give a man a beer and he’ll drink for a day, but teach him how to brew and he’ll be the most popular guy on the block. No truer words have ever been spoken.

This Deluxe Homebrewing Kit from Northern Brewer includes the equipment and instructions on how to easily brew your very own craft beer from home. The kit can be used over and over to make hundreds of batches of home brew.

Northern Brewer Deluxe beer kit

Plus the kit also includes one beer recipe kit  which will yield five gallons, or 48 twelve-ounce glass bottles of beer. All you need is a brewing kettle and 48 beer bottles.

  • Bavarian Hefeweizen
  • Caribou Slobber Brown Ale
  • Fresh Squished IPA
  • Irish Red Ale

Mr. Beer 2-Gallon Beer Making Kit

Maybe five gallons like the one about is too much beer, and you are looking for something smaller

Maybe you have friends or family who want to dabble in home brewing but don’t want to brew 5-gallons of beer. Good news: we have options! This small-batch Mr. Beer kit is designed for beginners and contains a beer recipe from Coopers Brewery to make just 2-gallons of beer.

It takes less time, and takes up less space. However, your batch won’t be ready to drink for three or four weeks, so Mr. Beer (or Mrs. Beer) will have to be patient.

Mr beer complete kit premium gold edition

Beer & Brewing Magazine Subscription

Thirsty for knowledge about beer? Try a subscription to one of the most respected periodicals solely about beer, Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine.

You can choose between a digital only subscription, a print & digital combo, or become an All Access Member which contains premium articles, videos guides and course, and so much more.

Enhance your beer drinking experience by learning more about the beer you love, and discovering your next favorite beer.

Homebrew Academy Video Courses

For the beer drinker who wants to become an expert on everything beer, we recommend taking courses from Homebrew Academy, right at home.

There are six different courses, which range from “Beer Tasting Mastery” to how to take the “Beer Judge Certification Program”, and are all available to purchase individually.

All courses are taught by beer experts with decades of training. This is perfect for those who want to understand the process of beer making and how to critique beer, while mastering the art of beer tasting.

beer mastery video course

The Draft Top

Drink topless with the Draft Top!

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that you didn’t even know existed, but are life changers… well, maybe it won’t change your life but it will definitely change the way you drink and think about canned beer.

This ingenious device safely removes the aluminum top from your can, allowing you to enjoy the aroma and experience of drinking straight from the draft into a glass.

Once removed, the aluminum edge is not jagged and safe to use. If you or your friends dislike canned beer because of the narrow drinking hole, this is definitely one of the best beer gifts.

"Wear Your Beer" Apparel

So you wear t-shirts for your favorite band, movie, or cartoon character. Why not your favorite beer?

If you have a friend who really loves a particular brew, give them one of the beer accessories that tells the world what beer really matters.

Wear Your Beer is a website where you can get beer shirts that range from big breweries like Budweiser and Corona, to smaller craft breweries like Flying Dog and Shiner, and international breweries such as Guinness, Kirin, and Negra Modelo.

wear your beer logo

Beer Infused Hot Sauce

We all know that beer makes an excellent ingredient in a bunch of food recipes, but in hot sauce? This beer infused hot sauce comes in three flavors, with three different levels of heat:

  • Mild: Asian Sriracha
  • Medium: Garlic Serrano
  • Hot: Roasty Chipotle

These sauces are all made in the U.S.A. and are perfect for grilling, tailgating, and any other opportunity you need to spice up your food with some hot beer infusion.

Funny Beer Socks

It’s a cold winter night. You are comfortable in your lounger, and you’ve just drained your last sips of beer and you don’t feel like getting up to grab another. Luckily you have these funny beer socks on your feet.

Now, thankfully, there’s a way to get your loving friend or partner to get you another drink! Just show off the soles of your feet, which read “If You Can Read This” on one sock, and “Bring Me Some Beer” on the other.

Who wouldn’t enjoy this convenience and humor combination!

Insider tip: Buy two pairs of these socks so you can have “bring me some beer” on BOTH feet.

Sip Caddy Bath and Shower Cupholder

Bath: the final frontier… for drinking in your house.

Sure, we might deny it, but we’ve all wanted (or achieved) drinking a beer in the shower. This genius and inexpensive shower cup-holder holds your beer (or wine glass, or cup of coffee) in the shower safely and carefully.

The suction cup makes it super easy to install, and it’s dishwasher safe. An easy gift for the friend who has everything…..except this.

YETI Rambler Colster

One of the best beer can insulator on the market.

The Colster is simple, easy to use, and very effective. Plop your can of beer in one of these and take it anywhere (where you can legally drink, of course).

Available in many different colors, this YETI will keep your beer chilled for hours, without making your fingers cold or condensation forming on the can or bottle.

These bottle and can coolers are the best way to make sure your last few sips are as cold and refreshing as the first few.

Big Mouth Dumbbell Beer Glass

Sometimes the best gifts are those that are funny and practical. Enter… the dumbbell glass!

This drinking container tells the world that you are ready to have fun, and get your drinking workout going. It holds 24 ounces of beer, so you can do curls while drinking two cans of beer at a time.

It’s certainly one of the more unique beer gifts. Keep in mind that it is made of glass, so don’t just throw it to the ground when you finish your reps like you do in the gym.

Pop the Top Automatic Beer Bottle Opener

This automatic beer bottle opener is another great product that falls into the cool beer gadgets category.

Sometimes taking the cap off the bottle is the most annoying part about the beer drinking experience. This product makes that step extremely easy.

Just place the opener on your bottle of beer or any beverage with a bottle cap, push down, and the cap pops off!

There will be no damage to your bottle. Plus, this sleek, aluminum opener will look great on any bar.

Libbey Craft Brews Assorted Beer Glasses

For most beer drinkers, the type of beer glass doesn’t really make a difference.

But any beer expert will tell you that different beers taste better in different glasses. This assorted beer glass set is one of the perfect gifts for beer lovers who enjoy variety.


The set comes with the following glasses to enjoy six different styles of beer:

  • 15.25-ounce classic pilsner glass
  • 20-ounce English pub glass
  • 16.6-ounce Belgian ale glass
  • 14.75-ounce porter glass
  • 23-ounce wheat beer glass
  • 20-ounce craft pub glass

Beer aficionados who enjoy variety in their drinking will enjoy this entire set. Check out our article for a more detailed review of the different types of beer drinking glasses.

Fizzics DraftPour Beer Dispenser

This beer dispenser is the perfect gift for beer lovers who desire the draft beer experience and prefers beer from the tap.

For those who don’t have a kegerator or other types of beer dispensers at home, this product is a way to turn any beer’s natural carbonation into dense, uniform bubbles that recreate the authentic draft beer experience.

Sleek enough that you can display it on your home bar or kitchen countertop.  You can plug it in or use two AA batteries, and it’s lightweight you can take it anywhere.

Beer Pong Table

No, this is not your average collegiate beer pong table. This isn’t a ping pong table or a piece of plywood on sawhorses either.

This table from Custom Glow is the top of the line, VIP, Beer pong EXPERIENCE that has all the bells and whistles: infinity mirrors, multicolored LED lights, a sensor that flashes the lights based on whatever music you are playing, and so very much more.

It’s certainly not cheap, but this is one of the ultimate beer lover gifts, and can be the signature piece in any room. Also, it neatly folds up and stores easily for when you don’t want your room to be a permanent beer pong room.

If a beer pong table is what you are looking for, but don’t want to spend this kind of money, have a look at a few more affordable beer pong table options here.

Final Say

As you can see, if you are searching to find the perfect gift for someone who enjoys all things beer, there are plenty of great options here.

Whether the recipient favors beer bouquets, funny gadgets, or other beer accessories, you know that your gift will be well received… and hopefully will be shared with you!


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