Have a Blast at Your Next Party With One Of These Cool Beer Pong Tables

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We are always on the hunt for new, fun things to do at parties. So when we start thinking about activities for the next big event, a beer pong table comes to mind immediately when looking for a fun beer drinking game, instead of the usual beer shotgun.

Finding the coolest beer pong tables for your next backyard bbq or pool party can be a challenge, because you have a lot of options.

Take a look below and see what beer party pong tables came out on top.

Coolest Beer Pong Table Reviews

Like any product on the market, you always have choices and multiple options before you make a purchase, and beer pong tables are no exception.

Whether you are looking for a cheap beer pong table under $50, or an expensive premium beer pong table, or something in between, you are sure to find a beer pong table that will fit your budget.

If you are in a rush and need something fast, here are 6 different beer drinking game tables that we recommend you have a look at for your next gathering with friends and family.

GoPong 8ft Portable Beer Pong Table Under $100

If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive table, you might want to check out the GoPong 8 Foot Portable Beer Pong Table that costs under $100. It features two critical features we discussed above: proper sizing and foldability.

But it is also much more than this. You can use this table casually at house parties, or at serious tournaments – the choice is yours.

We like this table because of its clear markings and smart, black, and metallic finish. It’s robust enough to survive the wildest of nights. And it folds away neatly with a carrying handle into something no larger than, say, a regular guitar amplifier.


  • Smart black finish that clearly shows where you put cups
  • Can be folded away for secure storage
  • Regulation size, allowing you to use it for tournaments


  • The tabletop can be slightly uneven
  • Doesn’t work so well on uneven surfaces

GoPong 8ft Premium Beer Pong Table - Best Value Pick

The GoPong PRO 8 Foot Premium Beer Pong Table – Heavy Duty is one of the best all-rounders in terms of value.

You get everything you need from a beer pong table, plus high-quality construction, and plenty of portability.

It is excellent for anyone wanting something they can wheel out regularly at parties or events. Some businesses may also find that it meets their needs, thanks to the reinforced, beer-proof playing surface that is easy to clean.


  • 36-inch high for comfortable play
  • Includes six ping pong balls
  • Waterproofed surface for beer spills
  • Suitable for use outdoors


  • Basic design
  • No customization options

Infinity Glow LED Ultimate Beer Pong Table

If you want an ultimate beer pong table that is illuminated, this is an illuminated beer pong table to the max.

If you can afford it, you might want to consider this Infinity Glow LED Beer Pong Table, which is one of the highest quality beer pong tables on the market, and the best looking by far.

It features a host of high-end features that go way beyond anything you’d find on an entry-level option, and a whole new experience when playing beer pong.

For instance, the designers constructed the frame out of robust materials, designed to withstand the wildest of parties. Furthermore, they included innovative magnetic locks that hold the whole unit together when you fold it away.

There are options to personalise your table with customized graphics. And it comes with impact-resistant “infinity mirror” tabletops, creating the illusion of endless space. 

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the table is its LED integration. Infinity Beer Pong studs the product with hundreds of individual RGB lights, which can rotate between multiple color modes and flash in time to the music. On top of that, it comes with remote control and is tournament-size, allowing you to host official matches. 


  • Full table and LED customization
  • Infinity mirrors create the effect of endless space
  • Magnetic locking when folding away avoids the need for clips
  • Robust metal frame construction, designed to withstand wild parties and events
  • Music sensor that flashes the lights in time with the beat


  • Costly to repair if damaged
  • Some issues with the lights on some models causing them to flicker

GoPong Floating Inflatable Beer Pong Table

Pool parties are becoming increasingly popular, and beer pong vendors are looking to get in on the action. For GoPong, the concept is simple. Take a regular pool raft and then adapt it for beer pong, creating an inflatable beer pong table that floats for bona fide water-based gameplay.

This floating “table” is six feet long and features individual cup holders with enough space for ten game cups, plus eight additional sideline cup holders for onlookers.

GoPong wants the product to be the life of the party and the center of everything that’s going on. Their design allows people to get right up close to the action and cheer on whoever they want to win.

Beer pong is a sport best enjoyed when people can come together and just enjoy themselves. This floating table is just as much about the spectators as it is the action itself, actively helping to create a party vibe. 

It doesn’t take long to inflate before you are ready to play, especially if you have a foot pump. Once inflated, it retains its air well, so you’re not constantly worrying about it losing pressure during the championship game.


  • A fun way to play beer pong in the water
  • Lots of cup holders stop you from spilling your drink, even if a comedian decides to rock the boat
  • Suitable for other games and applications, or just a floating raft


  • The game can get wobbly when the table is floating on the water
  • Not regulation length so you can’t use it for tournaments

8-ft Light Up Beer Pong Table with Optional Cup Holes and LED Lights

If you wanted one beer pong table that has it all, it would be this American Flag Beer Pong Table from PartyPongTables. It is a lightweight aluminum 8 foot regulation table that offers multiple cup holders and a bunch of other features.

The standout feature is the aesthetics, and you can choose from a range of designs, including this American Flag model. You also get LED glow lights that add tremendous visual interest and make it easy to play outdoors at night.

This table offers a similar feature set that you typically find on much more expensive models. Often you have to pay a substantial sum of money to get convincing, attractive LEDs, but pricing on PartyPongTables’ light up beer pong table remains surprisingly competitive. 

The actual “cup holes” for the beer cups help too. Unlike some products, they’re not just markings on the surface, which reduces the chance of messy spills.


  • Exciting designs that will immediately grab guests’ attention
  • Up to 20 LED color combinations for a psychedelic experience
  • Cup holders to prevent slipping and sliding


  • Lightweight aluminum not as sturdy as similar models
  • Table sits too low

Cheap Beer Pong Table Under $50

Now if you are just looking for a cheap beer pong table under $50, you might be out of luck unless an inflatable table for the swimming pool is what you need.

However, if you already have a any 6 foot stationary or foldable table, you can get a plastic table cover from Flip Pong for way less than $50.00.

This is similar to a plastic table cloth and used as a cover to keep your table dry and protect it from beer spills.  Although it is easy to clean, it is not something that will last you a lifetime.


  • Inexpensive
  • Fits any 6-ft table
  • Comes with two ping pong balls and game book
  • Doesn’t require additional space


  • Made of plastic
  • Plastic can tear
  • Shouldn’t be used on an expensive table

Where Did Beer Pong Originate?

Historians don’t credit any single person with the invention of beer pong. Legend has it that the sport is a variation of a game they used to play in Beirut, but there has been variations of the game dating back to the 16th century.

It gained popularity throughout the 1970s and 1980s as basketball became a more prominent part of popular culture. Everyone became fascinated with their aim and wanted to emulate the stars. The game is now a regular fixture at parties, weddings, and other events.

Beer pong even made our list of the 10 greatest moments in beer history.

Why Should You Get a Beer Pong Table?

Why should you get a beer pong table?  Because it is a simple game that anyone of legal drinking age can play, and it is a game that can easily entertain guests for hours.

In fact, there is one well-known hotel/casino in Las Vegas that has beer pong tables and tournaments available for all guests.

And there are many reasons why beer pong is so popular still to this day.

Firstly, it is an excellent source of entertainment. You and your guests can have hours of fun trying to aim ping pong balls while starting sober, but becoming more inebriated as the game goes on. The game tends to deteriorate the more each player drinks so that you have very little idea what you’re doing by the end of it.

Second, beer pong tables are actually a kind of two-in-one product because you can use them to play regular table tennis too. Sure, you don’t have quite so much space, but it is still an option on a lazy and quiet afternoon.

Then there’s the fact that it is a cost-effective purchase. Beer pong tables aren’t complicated. They’re very similar to decorator’s tables and, for that reason, most of them are very affordable, even the premium versions.

Finally, setting up a beer pong game is usually pretty quick. All you have to do is unfold the table (if it’s a foldable version) and put the cups in the correct position. That’s it.

How To Choose The Best Beer Pong Table

When most people get started looking into the best beer pong tables, they usually don’t have a clear idea of which features to prioritize.

Beer pong just involves throwing balls into cups, right?

So how complicated could it be?

It often turns out that buying the first product you came across, or the least expensive is usually a bad idea. If you want it to work for you, you have to get a table that will last.

If you want to learn something valuable, make sure you only choose tables with fold-up designs. It just makes your life so much easier. Unless you’re some sort of party animal, you’ll want to put the product away, not leave it standing in your living room.

Although you can still find beer pong tables without folding legs, the vast majority of beer pong-specific tables today come with fold-out legs. But, even so, it’s still worth checking.

You’ll also want to select a regulation table – one that is the official size for the sport. If you don’t get one of these, then you won’t be able to practice on the right size table for tournaments.

Lastly, you’ll need something robust. Remember, your table will likely only come out when everyone is having a good time. People will inevitably bump into it as they dance and get merry, and you know the table surface will be eventually covered with beer.

What Size Table Is Best For Beer Pong?

Beer pong table regulations are specific and refer to the table’s dimensions and the cups’ position. 

Standard beer pong tables are 8 feet long (2.44m), 24 inches wide (61cm), and 27.5 inches high (70cm). Regulations state that the gap between the cups must be 65 inches (165 cm) for a ten-cup game. 

Professional 8 foot tables are split into four two-foot sections and provide markings or indentation for where you should place the cups. Depending on your capacity for alcohol, you can play the game in both six and ten-cup versions. 

Beer Pong 101

The purpose of beer pong is to throw ping pong balls into the opposing player’s cups. If a ball lands in the cup, the player (or a member of their team), must drink the contents and then remove it from the table. The winner is the team who removes the opposing players’ cups first.

How many cups used in beer pong is up to the team or the host, but most tables are set-up using a total of 10 cups.

Beer pong players must stand behind their cups when throwing balls. They can either try to land their shots in the opposing player’s cups or intercept them with their ball as it travels through the air. Most beer pong tables come with an additional cup holder for water, just in case all the beer makes you feel a little dehydrated.

The beer pong rules and the way you play are completely up to you, but If you want to know more about beer pong, take a look at our beer pong rules 101 page, or this video created by Howcast:

Final Say On The Best Beer Pong Table

Okay, it’s crunch time. Which product is the winner of this beer pong table round-up review?

In terms of features and overall quality, the Infinity Glow L.E.D Beer Pong Table is the standout competitor. This is just not your everyday run-of-the-mill beer pong table.  It is the type of beer pong table you’d expect to see in a professional venue, like a bar or a club.

It fulfills all of the criteria for a good table we discussed earlier. It’s durable, comes with extra features, and you can fold it away quickly, but you will be paying quite a bit more money compared to other models listed above.

The overall winner though, however, must consider affordability too. If you’re a regular beer pong player, you want something that does the job and protects your budget. For that reason, we recommend going with the best value offering: the GoPong 8 Foot Premium Portable Beer Pong Table.

Again, it offers everything we said you needed from a beer pong table plus it is made of a lightweight, powdered-coated aluminum. Not only is it regulation length, but it also has a durable melamine surface to withstand beer spills.


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