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The Best Beer Of The Month Clubs: A Great Gift For A True Beer Lover​ beer of the month club

Holidays And Birthdays Might Only Come Once A Year, But A Gift That Arrives Every Month Is Truly Something Special.

You already know that the craft beer industry has exploded over the years, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, with thousands of craft breweries now scattered throughout the United States and Europe, there are thousands of unique craft beers just waiting to be tasted.

Whether it is for you, or a surprise gift for someone else, how could a passionate beer connoisseur possibly sample all the new beer styles that peak their interest without going to all the craft breweries or liquor stores on the planet?

A monthly craft beer club. That’s how.

When you become a member of a monthly beer club, you will be able to try new beer styles and varieties of the best beers that might not be available at your local liquor store or grocery store. In fact, some of the craft beers you might receive might come from specialty breweries and not even be available to the general public… anywhere in the world.

For that reason is why we chose the “Microbrewed Beer Of The Month Clubsubscription as one of the best beer of the month clubs.

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About is a family owned club membership business that was founded in 1994.  For more than 25 years, they have been delivering quality craft beers to their customers with a high focus on the best customer service and a satisfaction guarantee, along with a better than A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Currently, Monthly Clubs has 6 exclusive monthly clubs that will be delivered to you or a gift recipients front door every month.  You have complete control and the flexibility to choose just one club, or you can combine several to make up your own unique monthly club.

You can even create a custom shipping schedule for any single club membership type.

The 6 exclusive monthly clubs are:

But because this is a website about beer, we are going to focus on the five individual beer clubs inside of the Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club.
monthly club logo

The 5 Individual Microbrewed Beer Clubs

If you already know what club you are interested in, or don’t have the time to check out the beer clubs below, here are 5 of the best beer of the month clubs that you or someone special will love.

The Microbrewed Beer Club is the center hub for 5 specialty beer clubs that are completely separate from each other. Each one of the five clubs will feature specific types and styles with a wide selection and assortment of craft brews.  This will assure their club members receive the most unique options from craft breweries located in different regions around the word, each and every month.

beer of the month club logo

All of these beer clubs will send you (or a guest) monthly shipments of their best craft beer selections, not just from the United States, but from many countries throughout Europe as well.

Whether you prefer hoppy IPA craft beers, beer that is brewed domestically, beer brewed internationally, rare and hard to find beers, or a combination of all, you won’t have a problem finding the perfect beer club membership that you will love.

Who knows, you might just find your new favorite beer.

A Quick Look At The Five Monthly Beer Clubs

Currently, the club works with craft breweries located all over the world, and offers a member five different monthly beer subscriptions in their “Beer of the Month Club” lineup that will be sure to please any beer enthusiast.

Listed below, you will find some details of each individual beer club that are part of the beer club family, including the pricing, shipping cost, what is included in the box, along with recent selections.

Most of these clubs will offer bonus gifts with certain memberships, so be sure to check out all their club promotions and discounts that are currently going on.

The U.S Microbrewed Beer Club

$ 29
Per Month
  • Plus $15.00 Shipping & Handling

The U.S. Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club is the original, formed way back in 1994, a.k.a. the ancient days of micro craft breweries. The beer professionals who run this club review over 500 different types of beer from all across the country, and less than 20% of those beers meet their standards for inclusion.

The craft beer choices that this club offers every month aren’t made at random: these experts attend festivals and meet with brewers across the country to continually find fantastic beer to share with their club members.

What Comes In The Box?

Each month you will get a total of twelve, 12 oz bottles of craft beers from breweries across the United States that are lightly distributed and not easy to find locally.

You will be receiving three beers of four different beer styles, and with each shipment, you will also get a monthly newsletter with beer and brewery profile, along with tasting notes.  If you like a particular selection, you will always have the option to re-order while they are still available.

You can also get a free bartenders bottle opener when you order three or more months.

Recent Beer Selections

Recent selections include selections from Flying Fish Brewing Company in New Jersey, Florida Beer Company in Cape Canaveral, and European style ales and pilsners from Spencer Brewing in Massachusetts and Christian Moerlein Brewing Company in Cincinnati, Ohio.

My recent favorite was “Everything is Taken” from DuClaw Brewing Company in Baltimore, Maryland. This hoppy lager made my taste buds happy.

If you are ready to join the U.S Beer Club, click here to receive your first shipment of craft beer that comes from domestic breweries only.

The U.S and International Variety Beer Club

$ 34
Per Month
  • Plus $15.00 Shipping & Handling

A combination of the U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club and the International Beer Club, this club has the most variety of all the craft beer clubs on our list.

The beer selectors at this U.S. & International Variety Beer Of The Month Club have decades-long relationships with brewmasters from craft breweries around the world, and are always looking for new seasonal brews and year round gems for their upcoming shipments.

What Comes In The Box?

The amount of beer that you get is setup just like the U.S Microbrewed Club, but the beer selections have some international craft beer mixed in, so you get to experience the best of both worlds.

Every shipment will contain the club newsletter with tasting notes and details of the included craft beers.  You will get twelve, 12 oz bottles or cans of four different varieties of craft beer, two will be from breweries within the United States and two different breweries from Europe. You will get to enjoy 3 bottles or cans each of the four different beer styles.

If you also choose a minimum of three shipments, you will also get a free bartenders bottle opener.

Recent Beer Selections

Recent selections from the U.S and International Variety Beer Club has been from all over the world, including Orkney Brewery in Scotland, Pivovar Samson in the Czech Republic, Brouwerij Het Nest in Belgium, Würzburger Hofbräu in Germany, Browar Okocim from Poland, Benediktiner Weissbräu from Germany, and a variety of microbrews from the good old United States.

If you like the domestic beer scene along with the international beer culture, this beer club is made for you.

Does this beer variety craft beer club interest you?  If is does, click here to get started.

The Rare Beer Club

From $38
Per Month
  • Plus Shipping & Handling

The Rare Beer of the Month Club is their most exclusive club and for beer aficionados on the Indiana Jones spectrum: hard to find and rare beers from around the world. This club was founded by the late, great beer critic Michael Jackson (not that Michael Jackson), and his legacy is honored by the breadth of rarities in this collection.

This unique club features hard-to-find, artisanal beers, and offers limited-release selections from both the United States and imported selections from Europe.  There are no 12 ounce cans or bottles in this subscription box.  All the beers are shipped in glass 750 ml bottles.

The club admins dig deep to find those gems that the true beer lovers rave about.  If it’s from a Belgian monastery or a brewery in the Mexican desert, the Rare Beer Club has been there and sampled the beer.

What Comes In The Box?

When you join, you will get to choose if you would like to receive two, four, or six big 750 ml bottles per month from two different breweries in the world.  Depending on the subscription you choose, you will get either one, two, or three bottles from each brewery.

Also included in every box is a monthly newsletter with tasting notes, information about that months breweries and beers, and food pairing ideas to go with your beer.

And don’t forget to look for your free bartenders bottle opener when you sign up for three shipments or more.

Recent Beer Selections

Recent selections in the Rare Beer Club included a saison from Belgium, a sour ale from Dovetail Brewery in Chicago, a Belgian Style ale from Italy, and even a hoppy blonde Skagitonian Ale bottle-conditioned with Blackberry honey from Garden Path Fermentation in Burlington, Washington. Don’t know how “bottle-conditioned with Blackberry honey” tastes, but are curious? Then look no further.

If you are ready to try rare and hard-to-find beer selections, click here.

The Hop-Heads Beer Club

$ 34
Per Month
  • Plus $15.00 Shipping & Handling

Hops, hops, and more hops.  That is what the hop-heads beer club is all about. Some beer drinkers love it, and some not so much, but If you are a huge IPA fan and enjoy hoppy beers, this beer of the club definitely will not disappoint.

You won’t just get one or two different IPAs in your brew box.  The subscription box covers different styles and just about every IPA you can think of.

Whether it’s IPAs, Double IPAs, Session IPAs, Imperial IPLs, Sessional IPLs, or other hoppy lager and ale beers, this club offers and focuses specifically on a variety of beers to please hop-forward fans.

What Comes In The Box?

Inside of the box, you will get 12 oz selections of hoppy beers.  You will be sampling four varieties of either cans or bottles per order, and three different hop-forward beers.

Also, just like all of the subscriptions from, you also get the informative newsletter detailing the breweries and the beer itself, along with food pairing suggestions.

When you choose to have at least a three month beer subscription box, you will also receive a bartenders bottle opener for free.

Recent Beer Selections

Most of these beers in the Hop-Heads Beer of the Month Club are domestically brewed, but they do allow for a few imports and international brewers are catching up to the hop game. Recent hoppy favorites include beers from Flying Fish Brewing Company in New Jersey, Spencer Brewery in Massachusetts, Heavy Seas Beer in Maryland, and Tommyknocker Brewery in Idaho Springs, Colorado.

Click here if you ready to “hop” on this beer subscription.

The International Beer Club

$ 37
Per Month
  • Plus $15.00 Shipping & Handling

If you are a fan of exploring craft beer that is brewed outside of the USA only, this International Beer Club is what you are looking for.

Completely focusing on international beers, these beers often come from breweries that are a few hundred years old.  Many of these breweries are located in classic brewing countries like Belgium, Germany, and England.

What Comes In The Box?

Each monthly shipment will include twelve, 12 oz bottles of imported beers from some of the best international breweries.  You will get two different styles of beer, and six of each style.

If you would like more details about what country the imported beers you received came from, or more information about the brewery, it is all inside of the monthly newsletter, along with food pairing suggestions and tasting notes.

A bartenders bottle opener is included as a bonus for signing up for three months or more.

Recent Beer Selections

A few of the craft brews that have recently shipped are Familienbrauerei Dinkelacker, which is a Dortmunder from Germany, Belhaven Black dry stout from Scottland, Pivovar Samson premium pils from the Czech Republic, Red Vintage strong amber lager from Spain and many more.

If you are ready to drink some beer from abroad, without traveling abroad, click here.

The Rise Of Craft Beer, Microbreweries, and Beer Of The Month Clubs

We are in the frothy, foamy renaissance of microbrews. You can walk into practically any bar or grocery store in America and face dozens and dozens of craft beer choices. Only a few generations ago, beer drinkers had very few choices in supermarkets and restaurants, and drinking imported beer usually meant breaking out the passport.

In the 1970s there were only 50 breweries in the United States. Within 20 years that number reached 1,000 and we are now over 8.000 breweries and brewpubs nationwide! Retail sales of craft beer rose 7% in 2018 while overall beer sales remain about the same. Of course, all these choices are good for our taste-buds but sometimes the enormous amount of craft beers can be overwhelming for our minds.

The best way to expand your malt and hops knowledge is by subscribing to a popular beer of the month club. That way you can discover new varieties in the easiest way possible: without leaving your home.

How Are The Monthly Selections Made?

Why would you want someone to choose what beers you get in your monthly shipments?

Because simply put, the experts who do the selection process just really love beer, just like I do. But these experts have tried a MUCH wider variety of beer than I ever have. They are professionals at the craft of analyzing craft beer.

Many of these “taste testers” have been beer judges at the “Great American Beer Festival.” That’s right, they are paid to drink! And every expert rates each beer based on a variety of elements:

picture of someone pointing to a beer
  • Appearance – Often one of the first things noticed when you pour a beer into the right glass. The color, clarity, head retention, and lacing of the beer.
  • Aroma –  Sniffing the glass after being poured is not just a wine thing. The aroma of the beer is judged on if it is fruity, dank, floral, bread-like, spicy, hoppy, etc.
  • Body – Body is the viscosity of the beer, which basically means how thick or thin it is. Certain beers are light-bodied like, well, a light beer. Others are heavier like stouts and porters.
  • Mouthfeel – The mouthfeel is a physical characteristic of the beer, and what it feels like in your mouth, not what it tastes like.  The smoothness, heaviness, and the amount of carbonation all contribute to the mouthfeel.
  • Flavor – Does the beer have a light, moderate or heavy bitterness?  Is it sweet, sour, citrusy, or dry?
  • Finish – And finally the “finish” profile. Is there lingering bitterness, or does it finish crisp and clean. This just means what is the aftertaste in your mouth after drinking the beer and has to do with the beer recipe and how it was brewed.

This stringent selection process guarantees that only the highest quality of beer makes the cut.

Know What You Are Drinking

For many who enjoy drinking a specific brand of beer, they usually do so because they just like the taste and don’t really care about nothing else. But when you join one of the five monthly clubs, it’s more than just opening the box and drinking a different beer.

Each month with every order, the shipment includes their informative monthly newsletter. In the newsletter, you will get detailed information and history on the breweries that are featured during the month, along with tasting notes and food pairing suggestions.

malt of the earth newsletter

Actually, it’s pretty neat to read about all of the characteristics of the new beer your are going to drink before you drink.  Maybe there is an aroma or taste that you can’t put your finger on, but after reading the notes, you will actually know what ingredients were added during the brewing process.

Why Should You Join A Monthly Beer Club?

Beer sent right to my door?

Yes please!

Nowadays almost everything can be delivered to your door. Monthly subscription services have existed for decades, and the products range from cheese to chocolate to razors to clothes, and everything in between.

So why join one of the monthly beer clubs?

It’s simple: there are a LOT of beer choices, more than you could probably try in a lifetime, and more brewers are popping up (or hopping up) every week. It can be overwhelming to find the gem from all the options that are out there.

There is nothing like opening that new package of untried (and for me, usually unknown) beers, selected by experts.  Beer lovers from all over the country have been enjoying this method of expanding their beer horizons for years.

How Do You Know Which One To Choose?

If you need to come up with a unique gift for a relative, friend, or a co-worker, any one of these beer of the month clubs will be the perfect gift.

But with so many to choose from, how do you know which club subscription to pick?

If you are having a hard time deciding what club you should get for yourself, or for someone else, don’t sweat it.  You have complete control and flexibility when you join, and you don’t have to commit to just one the entire time.

You can take two, three, four, five, or six of the clubs to make one membership, and you can even skip months if you wish.

As an example, you can choose the U.S Microbrewed the first month, skip a month, then pick the Rare Beer Club, skip a month, then choose the wine, cigar, or chocolate club.

You can also have it set up to receive multiple shipments in any month of your liking, and all shipments can include a personalized gift announcement for that special gift recipient.

Final Say On The Best Monthly Beer Clubs

So what is the best beer of the month club for a beer enthusiast you ask?

Well you really can’t go wrong with any of these craft beer clubs.  It really depends on your personal taste in beer and what styles you are wanting to try.

But our two favorites in the monthly club group are the U.S Microbrewed and International Variety Beer Club, and the Rare Beer of The Month Club, which were based on the overall quality of the beer, the selections that we received, and their great customer service.

The opportunity to drink new beers every month that come from craft breweries throughout the United States and Europe that were recently bottled is very appealing. And with such a wide variety of craft beer available through these clubs, if the occasional beer isn’t to your liking, you know next months order is probably going to please you more.

And as much as I do love the hoppy IPA’s in the Hop-Heads craft beer club, I do want more of a variety in my beer recommendations. But no matter which beer of the month club you choose to order from, you can be sure that the quality of beer is at the very highest level.

Of course, not only are these beer clubs the perfect way for you to experience some of the best beer from around the world, but they also make the perfect surprise gift for the beer aficionado in your life.


P.S. If you like the idea of a monthly club as a gift, but want to look for something besides a beer club, check out the 5 other exclusive clubs at


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