The Best Electric All In One Brewing Systems: Top 6 Reviewed

Apr 2022 | Last modified: September 20, 2023 | 13 min read | By Alex Goldberg

Best For Those on a Smaller Budget
Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil
Best For Authentic All-Grain Brewing
Grainfather Connect Complete
Most Simple and
Easy To Use
picobrew pico c brewing machine
PicoBrew Pico Model C

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There is no doubt that homebrewing is fun and a great hobby to get into, but it is also can be time consuming, especially if you want to move from extract brewing to all-grain.

That is why you are here, looking for the best electric all in one brewing system.

Brewing with an electric all-in-one beer brewing machine, you can save time and conserve space in your brewing area. while still having the satisfaction of creating your own craft brews, without the need for the traditional three vessel setup.

The Best Electric All-In-One Brewing Systems: Top 6 Reviewed

The ease of use, in all automated home brewing systems should be at the top of the list when doing a system comparison of each model. So in this post, we are going to review 6 of the top electric and automated brewing systems.

But if you are in a hurry, here are the ones that we recommend you have a look at.

Grainfather G30 Complete Connect All-In-One Brewing System

If you are looking for an easy all-in-one brewing system instead, but still want to have that authentic brewing experience, the Grainfather Complete Connect all-in-one system is what you need.

The Grainfather has a 8-gallon vessel that is made of a high-quality 304 grade stainless steel.  It is designed to brew a 5 full gallons of beer, without the need for extra propane burners or hot plates.

This system will allow you to mash, boil, and cool from one single piece of equipment, before transferring the wort to your fermenter.

It has a control panel that automatically adjusts the various temperature levels for the different stages of brewing, including when it’s time for the hop additions

grainfather g30 all in one brewing system

Also included is a circulation pump that is used to recirculate the wort through the grains, and for also circulating the boiling wort through the counterflow wort chiller. It also has an adjustable grain basket that can accommodate a large 19.8 lb grain bill.

For a bit more flexibility, the Grainfather connect app allows you to control and monitor the system remotely.

The Grainfather is designed to make brewing day much simpler, but it’s not just about pressing a button and walking away. There is some active participation needed, which is actually what many home brewers are looking for.

That’s why it is more of an all-in-one brewing system, rather than an automatic brewing system.


  • Full 5 gallon batch size capacity
  • High-quality stainless steel construction
  • Programmable and bluetooth connectivity
  • Includes a counterflow wort chiller
  • Great warranty


  • Most expensive all-in-one electric brewing system on our list
  • Counterflow wort chiller can clog

Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil with Pump

For new or experienced home brewers who are wanting to try their hand with all grain brewing and don’t want the hassle of buying a larger brew kettle, mash tun, false bottom, brew burner, etc, the Brewer’s Edge Mash & Boil is a wise choice.

The Brewers Edge Mash & Boil is a sleek-looking, stainless steel automated brewing system that lets you brew 5 gallon batches, and have control of the complete all-grain brewing process electronically.

Running on electricity gives you the option to brew indoors without the need for any extra equipment, and it’s programmable so you can start the your brew at a pre-set time of the day.

brewers edge mash and boil brewing system

Also, having a re-circulation pump included in the price is a huge advantage.  The pump will automatically stir the grains during the mash and will eliminate the need to manually stir with a spoon.


  • Can boil up To 7.5-gallons of liquid
  • Easy to clean
  • Great value for the price
  • Re-circulation pump is included
  • Stainless steel


  • Some heat loss during the mash
  • Does not come with a wort chiller

BrewZilla 35L All-Grain Brewing System with Pump

The BrewZilla 3.1.1 is another “turn-key” stainless-steel electric brewing system that will allow you to brew your favorite all-grain recipes easily.

This 35L/9.25 gallon capacity system includes two separate heating elements for heating and boiling, along with a built-in re-circulation pump.

With the updated v3.1.1 model,  it now has an upgraded main circuit board that is water resistant and has delayed start, automatic step mashing function for a more efficient mash, along with many other timed features.

The unit is extremely portable since it only requires a standard 120v receptacle to operate, which means you can easily brew in any room in the house.

brewzilla robo brew all in one brewing system

It also includes a removable grain basket that can handle up to 18 pound of grain, and an attached spigot for when it’s time to transfer the beer.


  • Simple to use and understand
  • Automatic step mashing and delayed start
  • The pump can be used to circulate the wort during boiling and when using a wort chiller


  • A hop strainer should be used to keep the recirculation pump from clogging
  • Control pad is mounted down low which makes it hard to see if sitting on the floor

PicoBrew Pico Model C Beer Brewing Appliance

Picobrew Model C is for fully automated brewing, and one of 3 siblings in the PicoBrew family. All 3 models, including the Picobrew Zymatic and Pico Pro are perfect for small batch brewing.

The Pico Model C is a sleek-looking appliance that allows you to easily brew pre-packaged craft beer recipes from award-winning craft breweries from around the world.

With the PicoBrew Model C, you can make a small 5-liter batch size, which is about thirteen 12oz bottles of just about any beer style you can think of.  You can brew anything from an session ale, to a hoppy IPA, to a dark stout or porters.

picobrew pico c brewing machine

If you like a specific beer, but would like less bitterness or a bit lower in alcohol, the Pico Model C has the ability to customize and adjust the ABV and the IBU’s (international bitter units) of the PicoPaks.

The PicoBrew allows you to monitor the entire brewing process online or on a mobile device through their app.  It’s about as close to “set it and forget it” as it can be.

  With the PicoBrew, you will be able to enjoy your finished beer in just 10 to 14 days.


  • Simple and fully automated
  • Wide variety of brewing recipes to choose from
  • Recipe ABV and hop bitterness can be adjusted
  • Built-in steam cleaner & dishwasher safe
  • Set it and forget it
  • Serving keg  is included


  • PicoPacks are not included
  • Limited control when creating your own recipes
  • No temperature control for fermentation

BrewArt BeerDroid Automatic Beer Brewing System

If you are looking for a simple way to make your own beer at home at the push of a button, the attractive looking BeerDroid might be your answer.

The manufacturers of this beer machine claim that it wasthe world’s first fully automated personal brewer systems available on the market, and brings the complete beer making process to just one unit.

With this compact design, you can make roughly 2.6 gallons, or 10-liters of your favorite beer using one of their 45+ BrewPrints.  You can use your own beer ingredients and recipes, but you will have to scale your down to 10-liters.

Beer Droid automated beer brewing system

There are a few features with the BrewDroid that make brewing your own beer easy.  It has a temperature adjustment for both lagers or ale, an automatic storage function, end of fermentation (EOF) technology, and comes with the BrewArt app,

Although the BeerDroid is a beer fermenter, it will need to be transferred to a separate serving keg for conditioning and carbonation.  For quite a bit more money you can get the BrewFlo beer dispensing system, which is the complete kegging and dispensing system that carbonates the beer without the need for CO2.

If you are someone who likes homebrewing, but searching for an easier way while saving hours from the traditional brewing way, the BeerDroid should be considered.


  • Easy to use and almost fool-proof
  • A beer machine that looks good on a countertop
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Brewing programs for both lagers and ales


  • Bottles and serving keg system are sold separately
  • Expensive for what it does

Klarstein Mundschenk Full Beer Brewing System

Like the other automated brewing systems on the list, this full beer brewing system is also made of a high-quality 304 grade stainless steel, and has plenty of head-space to brew 5 gallons of craft beer.

It has a slightly larger heating element that will heat the water more quickly.  It also allows you to use the touch-pad to adjust the time and the temperature for each style of beer. You can also program up to 9 different brew settings.

Although the description says this unit is also a fermenter, it is not.  There are no seals around the lid and no latches to secure the lid to the tank.

klarstein mundschenk home brewing system


  • Simple to use
  • Powerful 1800-watt heating element
  • Plenty of headroom for a 5-gallon batch


  • Can be difficult to clean
  • Tubing is not included
level up all grain

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Why Do You Need An Automated Brewing System?

Making the best beer possible is the goal of every homebrewer.  Brewing beer can be a detailed, meticulous process, and each step of the brewing and fermentation process is important and must be done correctly to get the best results.

Everything from mashing, boiling, and the cooling of the wort is done in just a single piece of equipment. Also, automated brewing systems can take most of the guesswork out of brewing beer, and can eliminate some of the common brewing mistakes. leading to a more simple brew day.

These automated brewing machines reduce the labor that is involved, and is sometimes as simple as loading the beer ingredients and pushing a few buttons.

What Is Most Important To You In An Electric All Grain Brewing System

No matter what model you are looking at, most of the automated brewing systems on the market will handle all of the temperature control and timing of the mashing, boiling, and the hop addition during the brewing duration.

When turning over the brewing process to an all-in-one beer brewing machine, there are a few things to be considered before making your purchase.

Level Of Automation

Exactly how much work will you have to do on your own? Is it simply loading in your batch and pressing a button, or is it more intensive? Will you need to purchase additional gear or is everything you need included in this automated beer machine?

Figuring out exactly how involved you want to be will determine which beer machine is right for you.

Beer Batch Size

Many of the electric brewer options on the market can only brew a couple of gallons at a time, while others can handle up to 10 gallons. The beer batch size you want to make will be a big factor in the system you buy.

Beer Recipes

Do you want to be involved in creating the recipe, or do you want it to be pre-determined? Each company provides multiple options for types of beer, but these recipes are already made for you, and only a few systems allow you to tinker with the recipe once you have it.

Depending on the manufacturer of the automated system, you are usually limited to sticking to the basic recipe that you have chosen.  It is nice to have all the beer ingredients pre-measured when they are shipped to you.

If you are wanting the automation brewing help, but still want to create your own recipes, make sure the one that you have your eye on has that option available.

Physical Size

These home brew systems come in a variety of sizes and you need to determine how much space you can use. Whether you are using a counter in your kitchen, a corner of your garage, or part of a den or spare room will determine exactly how big a device you can (and want to) handle.

Power Requirements

Many of these electric and automated brewing systems use a standard 120-volt outlet (like any receptacle in your house) but some larger models will require a 240-volt supply.

There are some models that are made in Europe and might require a converter if used in the United States. Know the power requirements before making your decision.


Automated brewing is more expensive than the standard brewing equipment, and prices vary wildly. Some will run a few hundred dollars, some over $1,000 while others are more than double that price.

If you have the money to spend, an automated brewing machine might be worth exploring if you want to make your own beer without much hassle. You should determine your budget and then look into a model that will do what you are looking for.

Pros & Cons Of Using An Automated Brewing System

Like most everything, there are always advantages and disadvantages to using an electric all in one beer system. You should always look at both sides of the coin, and see if pros outweigh the cons before making a purchase.

3d man with pros and cons word


  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t require any previous brewing experience
  • More automation means less hands-on
  • You can pick and choose how active you want to be in the brewing process
  • Many can connect via Wi-Fi to smart phones or devices for easy controlling
  • Can brew year-round


  • Costs more than homebrewing starter kits
  • Less control over recipes and the brewing process
  • Some systems MUST HAVE a solid internet connection to brew
  • Electronics can fail

Final Say

There are many things to consider when buying an all-in-one electric all-grain brewing system.  The considerations can range from how automated it really is, to the beer batch size, to the physical size, and finally the price.

A homebrewer who wants to brew all-grain and looking for an electric brewing system, but also wants to be fully involved and have total control over the process, the Grainfather Complete Connect is one of the best automated brewing system you can find.

Although it can be quite a bit pricier than other models, it has all the bells and whistles, and is our top choice for the most authentic craft beer brewing experience.

The Grainfather is a great way to brew beer and perfect for all of your all grain brewing recipes, but with just enough automation included in the machine.

Happy Brewing!

grainfather g30 all in one brewing system
Grainfather G30 Connect Complete
All-In-One Electric Brewing System

This electric all in one beer brewing system is easy to use. The Grainfather is highly automated, while still giving the homebrewer complete control over the entire brewing system.

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