Become A True Beer Master With These Online Homebrewing Classes and Video Courses

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Are you a homebrewer looking to step-up your brewing game? Or are you just someone who loves everything about beer? Well either way, these online homebrewing courses and classes have what you need.

No need to go to beer school when you can just sit back and relax behind a computer.  These beer making classes are perfect for any home brewer, regardless of their level of experience.

Online Homebrewing Classes and Video Courses

These six separate and individual online brewing courses cover the “process of homebrewing” from start to finish, along with the science that goes into brewing.

These courses were created with easy to follow videos, while covering everything from small batch brewing, to beer tasting, to beer service, to beer judging certification, and more.

Level Up All-Grain Brewing Course

Brewing beer all-grain can seem like a difficult and intimidating process at times. But it doesn’t have to be!

With the 29 videos in the course, you’ll learn about mash pH, water chemistry, improving yeast health, advanced mashing techniques, fermentation temperature control, zero-oxygen dry-hopping, and more!

Whether you’re an advanced brewer or a beginner, these techniques will help you improve your beer making.

Homebrewing Mastery - Small Batch Edition

HOMEBREWING MASTERY is a course that is all about brewing beer in smaller batches.

There are many advantages and reasons why brewing beer in small batches is the way to go when just starting out.

homebrewing mastery small batch edition

This course is perfect for beginners and gets you started on the right foot. You will learn the complete beer making process on brew day, including what equipment you need, water chemistry, mashing, boiling, cooling, and more.

Beer Mastery

Plain and Simple. This BEER MASTERY course is specifically built for all those who have a love for all things beer.

Even if you don’t have an interest in brewing your own beer at home, you will probably learn more things about beer than you can imagine.

beer mastery video class

This course will teach you about the beer brewing process and beer ingredients, along with beer styles and classifications, proper glassware, and more. In fact, when you are finished with the class, you can truly say you are a “Beer Master”.

Beer Tasting Mastery

Yes there really is such a thing as a professional beer taster. There’s a lot more to it than just pouring your favorite beer it into a glass and drinking it.

There are so many craft beers that have complex flavors and characteristics, but your palate isn’t trained to pick-up these flavors.


beer tasting mastery video class

The BEER TASTING MASTERY course will teach you how to correctly taste all the subtle but important flavors in a beer, plus helping you to identify any off-flavors your home brew may have.

Beer Judge Certification Program Mastery

Having the knowledge and a thorough understanding of beer, mead, and cider from around the world is what this Beer Judge Certification Program is all about.

If you are interested in becoming a beer judge, or if you are just a beer enthusiast who wants to learn even more, the BJCP MASTERY course has it.

BJCP mastery video class

This course teach you how to evaluate every style of beer, including food pairings and scoring.  After the completion of the course, you will be ready to take and pass the BJCP exam.

Beer Service Mastery - Level 1

The BEER SERVICE MASTERY- Level 1 is where you need to start if you are getting ready for the Cicerone “Certified Beer Server” exam.

This course teaches you all about the basics of beer serving, including draft systems, beer styles, glassware, beer ingredients, off-flavors, food pairings, and ultimately how to confidently master the exam.

beer service mastery video class

Beer Service Mastery - Level 2

BEER SERVICE MASTERY – Level 2 is for those who “mastered” the Beer Service Level 1 exam.

This course gets you prepped and ready to take and pass the level 2 course, and the next step to full certification and becoming a real beer expert.  The topics covered in this course are an extension of level 1, and covers everything in more detail. 

beer service mastery level 2 video class

Final Say

These video beer courses are simple to follow and taught by professional homebrewers, certified beer judges, educators, and authors.

Depending on what you are looking for, whether it’s learning how to brew your own beer, or just wanting to learn even more about craft beer, these online beer brewing classes will get you there.

If you are interested and want to know more about what topics are included in the individual classrooms, just click on one of the blue buttons above.

For additional information about homebrewing and the craft beer industry, I encourage you check out our homepage here. Or if you prefer to learn from a book, check out our page on the best beer brewing books.

Happy Brewing!

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