The Hop Heads Beer Club Review For 2020

Focused On Finding The Best “Hoppy” Craft Beers Brewed In The United States and Internationally, and Delivering Them To Your Front Door.

hop heads beer club

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The Hop Heads Beer Of The Month Club is all about finding the best “hop forward” beers and delivering them to their club members.

If you are a fan of hoppy beer styles, this is definitely the club for you.  The beers that are part of the package, just doesn’t include your everyday IPA beer.  You will also get to sample double IPAs, Imperial IPA, Session IPAs, IPLs (India Pale Lager) Imperial IPLs, Hoppy Pale and Red Ales, and more.

Even though these beers are all about the hops, that doesn’t mean it is all about the bitterness. Hops are one of the four main ingredients when making beer, along with water, barley, and yeast.

Adding hops during the brewing process is more than just providing a level of bitterness to the beer. The hops can also be added at various times during the brewing process to add additional hop flavors and aroma to the finished beer.

Table of Contents

Hop Heads Beer Club Overview

  • Beer Club Name: The Hop-Heads Beer Of The Month Club
  • Beer Style: Hoppy Beer
  • Best Suited For: Those Who Love Their Hoppy Beers
  • What’s Included: Twelve, 12oz Beers and a Monthly Newsletter
  • Price: $34.95 Per Month, Plus $15.00 Shipping & Handling
  • Join The Hop-Heads Club Here

Recent Monthly Selections

Although this club offers varieties from international breweries obsessionally, most of the featured beers are brewed domestically in the U.S.,

Some recent selections are:

  • Double IPA From Fordham & Dominion Brewing Company
  • American IPA From Free State Brewing Company
  • Double IPA From Southern Barrel Brewing Company
  • American IPA From Hamburg Brewing Company
  • West Coast IPA From Uinta Brewing Company
  • Session IPA From Sumerian Brewing Company

How The Beer Selections Are Chosen

All the beers included in the beer of the month club go through the same strict 5-step selection process as the other four Microbrewed Clubs do.  This is to make sure that each club member gets the highest quality beer possible.

The selection panel gets paid to drink nasty beer so you won’t have too. These “taste testers” travel the globe and have personal relationships with brewers so they can stay on top of all the new beers brewing brewed around the world.

Often, the judges have no idea where the beer was brewed or what country it originated from, but they do know the style of beer.  By doing a “blind taste test” they are assuring there is no bias towards a particular brewery.

Each beer goes through a check-list before it can be included in the monthly shipment.  In fact, only about 20% of the beers that are tested will pass the test.

  • Appearance
  • Aroma
  • Flavor
  • Mouthfeel
  • Body & Balance
  • Finish
  • Overall Character

Why You Should Join The Hop-Heads Beer Club

The Hop-Heads Beer Of The Month Club is for those who already love their hops, and for those who are just being introduced into this style of beer.

As someone who likes to drink all styles of IPAs, drinking the same beer over and over gets boring, and finding new and different beers to try is becoming more difficult. The HHBC is great way to stay up-to-date on new beer brands and try different beers that are lightly distributed or not available where you live.

On the flip side, this club is a way to introduce a beer drinker to all the different hoppy craft beers that are available through the membership. If you have tried an IPA in the past and didn’t care for it, it just means you haven’t found the right one yet.

You might just find your new favorite beer.

Why You Shouldn't Join The Hop-Heads Beer Club

If you have tried and tried to find an IPA you can enjoy, but just can’t do it anymore, then this hoppy club is definitely not for you. If you do like the occasional IPA, but would rather have a wider variety of styles from European breweries, a different beer club would probably be better suited for you.

If you or your gift recipient really doesn’t prefer this style of beer and would rather receive styles of more traditional craft beers, take a look at the other beer clubs at and find one that would be a better fit.

The Hop-Heads IPA Beer Club Pros

The Hop-Heads IPA Beer Club Cons

About The Membership

There are many monthly options available, so you don’t have to worry about any long-term commitments when you sign up for a club membership.

You can choose how long you want your subscription to continue, but there is a two month minimum requirement. The monthly options can range from two months, up to a full year, or any amount in between.  There is also an on-going subscription that will continue charge your credit card and deliver a new order to you every month until you cancel.

The 1st delivery can begin in any month you wish and the shipments can be delivered each month, every other month, or every three months. You also can decide if you want to pay in one installment, or each time the order is shipped.

What's Included In The Box

Each box will include twelve hoppy beers from International breweries or the United States. You will get four 12-ounce bottles or cans of 3 different styles of beer every month during your subscription period.

Also included with every order is the “Malt of the Earth” monthly newsletter.  This newsletter has interesting information about that months beers and the breweries where they came from.

The newsletter will also include serving information, along with detailed tasting notes on the hop flavors and hop aromas, and the best food pairings that go best with each beer.

As a gift, you will also get a free bartenders bottle opener on orders of three months or more.

Shipping Information

Most of the time, you order will be shipped during the last week of each month, and will arrive in a brown cardboard box. Every bottle or can is specially packed material to ensure the beer arrives in one piece instead of broken glass and dented cans.

As of right now, Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Utah are the few states that the Beer of the Month Club cannot ship to.  Sometimes there might be trouble delivering to some zip codes, if you are planning to have the order go to a rural address. You will be notified when you enter in your shipping address.  Your order will usually be shipped and arrive during the last week of the month.

Just make sure that someone who is at least 21 years old is there to sign for the delivery.  The courier will leave a door tag and try to make another two more deliveries if there is no one there to sign.  After a total of three attempts, the order will be shipped back and then will have to be re-shipped, but with another shipping fee.

Customer Satisfaction

No matter which one of the monthly clubs you choose, you can be sure you will get the best customer service, and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

They want you to be happy with each and every order. If something is wrong with your product, or doesn’t meet your standards, they will replace the product or refund your money.

Other Monthly Beer Club Options

The Hop Heads IPA Beer Club is just one of five subscription based clubs that offers.  Besides this beer club, they also offer four other monthly beer club options, and each one focusing on domestic and international craft beers of different styles.

If you are interested in a beer club as a gift for someone else or yourself, but don’t think the Hop-Heads club is the right choice, check out our reviews of the other beer of the month clubs, or click on your favorite one below.

Ready To Join The Club?

If hoppy beers are your thing, this beer club should be the perfect match.  Having the ability to try so many different styles of IPAs and IPLs that you normally wouldn’t have access to is what this HHBC is all about.

Instead of the usual neck tie or a pair of socks, the Hop-Heads IPA Beer Club will make a great gift for any special occasion like a Birthday, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, or Christmas.

Any monthly beer subscription is something that the beer fan in your life will surely enjoy.

Sign up here and get your first shipment delivered straight to your front door. Again, you don’t have to worry about any long-term requirements.


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