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AtHomeBrewer.com is a website that is for all beer lovers and for those who want to learn how to make their own craft beer.  This website was started by a couple of amateur homebrewers who just has a passion all things beer and the growing craft beer industry.

Our goal of this website is to provide useful information and knowledge of beer brewing, along with honest product reviews, while passing along our findings to the Do-It-Yourself homebrewer.

Learn How to Easily brew your own craft beer AT Home

Are you tired of drinking the same beer day after day?

Why not learn how to easily start brewing your own craft beer at home with a complete homebrewing equipment kit?

Check out our review page of the best homebrew beer kits that we recommend to get started.

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Homebrewing equipment reviews

Ask any homebrewer and they will tell you how fun and addicting this hobby can be.

When it’s time to start adding or upgrading your homebrewing equipment and accessories, we got you covered.

Check out all of our beer brewing equipment reviews before you buy.

Join a monthly craft beer club

A beer of the month club makes a perfect gift for yourself or any beer lover.

A beer club gives anyone who enjoys craft beers the opportunity to try new beers that are lightly distributed, or might otherwise not be available anywhere else in the world.

Read our review of the best monthly beer clubs here, or check out 5 unique and exclusive beer clubs from MonthlyClubs.com.

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