Avoid That Hangover… 15 Surprising Uses For Beer Other Than Drinking It

Jun 2021 | Last modified: November 14, 2023 | 8 min read | By David Scott

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Beer consistently ranks at the top of the list as one of the most popular beverages in the world.

But other than just drinking it, do you know there are many other uses for beer? You can utilize the golden brew for everything from DIY projects to gardening, beauty and more.

Beer Hacks and Other Uses For Beer

Sometimes the beer you just bought at the liquor store, or the beer you brewed at home just doesn’t hit the spot, or has some off-flavors that you just don’t like, hold off before you pour it down the drain.

Not all might be lost.

That beer still has several surprising uses. Read on to learn about other ways to put your beer to good use.

Get Your Plants Drunk

On a hot and sweltering summer day your lawn chair will probably be occupied, and right beside it a table and a cold brewski on top.

Yep, that’s how it goes for man since the beginning of time, but how about your plants? Now before you start wondering what the legal plant age is for drinking beer (there’s none), you could put some in a spray bottle and point it at plants that are suffering from fungal disease.

This works as well with brown spots on your garden or lawn, which is probably caused by slug infestation or too much nitrogen. Beer has fermented sugars which is great for the soil and grass and gives them a huge boost in the nutrition department.

Wage War Against Unwanted Insects

You probably won’t mind the small stuff when you’re on a good buzz. Or, you’re a raging lunatic every time an insect gets between you and your beverage. In any case, here’s a recipe that can eliminate pesky fruit flies, wasps and mosquitoes.

To make a beer trap, put some stale beer into a cup or bottle and a teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap. Wait for the wasps and fruit flies to come in and be attracted to the solution, but then they’d be unable to get out and drown. Throw out the bottle or cup when it’s full and repeat the process.

To make a mosquito repellant, mix together mouthwash, beer and 2 spoonfuls of Epsom salt, then transfer to a spray bottle. Apply liberally to your lawn or garden and plants and say goodbye to those bloodsuckers!

Give Your Copper Pots a New Lease On Life

Copper pots are excellent cooking mediums, but they tend to show their dull side over time. No matter how much you wash or take care of them they’d likely be your greatest shame.

Not all is lost, however. Let those pot stains sit in beer and after a few hours you’d have an almost brand-new copper pot you won’t have to hide anymore!

Beer, or more specifically ale has high acidity which helps remove rust and dull spots in copper products. Try this on your copper utensil and table tops as well.

Remove Stubborn Coffee Stains In Your Carpet

Spilled some beer on the carpet? You’d better have it on the coffee stain so your significant other won’t get upset.

Joking aside, if you ever ran out of vinegar, baking soda or dish soap then a bottle of beer will work out just fine. The bubblier or fresher the beer, the better- you’ll need maximum carbonation in order to lift the toughest stains!

Just put a few drops in the tea, wine or coffee stain and work the liquid in the fabric. Do this a couple of times until you see the stain getting lighter. Afterwards, a carpet cleaner should be able to do the rest.

Restore Wooden Luster

Don’t throw out that old wooden table or chair just yet- you can restore it to its former glory with the help of a day-old beer or even one that has spent weeks on your tabletop.

You could be wondering- is a freshly opened beer better than one that’s a few months old? But then you’d forget once you soak up a cloth with flat beer and wipe your wooden furniture with it and marvel at how it looks shiny and good as new.

Loosen Stubborn Rusted Bolts

If you’re drunk enough to yell at a rusty bolt that refuses to move, provide poetic justice by ‘accidentally’ spilling your drink on it, then waiting about half a minute and working it with a trusty wrench.

Put On a Beer-Based Facemask

Love beer so much that you want to wash your face with it? Hold off on that thought and try this instead.

In a bowl, mix one tsp almond extract, a whole egg white, a tsp of olive oil, a tbsp of yogurt and a tbsp of beer. Slather it on and leave for half an hour to a full hour.

The yeast content will serve to make your skin softer and refreshed.

Bathe In Beer...Or Something Like That

Yes, it’s a dream come true for most beer enthusiasts. If you’re getting weird looks from family members or your partner, remind them that it’s healthy and good for your skin.

You’ll need a cup or two of Epsom salt, two tbsp of coconut oil and a can of lukewarm beer. Pour the mixture in the bathtub and soak like a king (or queen)

Afterwards, make sure to rinse by taking a long shower. You wouldn’t want the stickiness to follow you in the bedroom, would you?

Try a Beer Shampoo

No, you’re not drunk and reading it right- beer can actually be good for the hair!

It’s full of proteins and vitamin B that can repair your locks and add a lustrous shine. The yeast serves as the conditioner to make it soft and smooth.

For the best results, pick a beer that’s flat and relatively lukewarm. If you have the time, pour a can in a saucepan and bring it to a boil. The alcohol will have evaporated, leaving you with only the antioxidants and the good stuff.

Oh, and remember to rinse more than usual.

Wake Up To a Beer Waffle or Pancake

Pancake and beer may be a recipe for early morning sickness, but put them together and you’ll never prepare pancake batter the same way again!

Instead of water, make it beer or club soda and you’ll notice that the mixture is fluffier. More air in-between make for delicious pancakes, so it’s definitely worth a try.

Is Your Rice For Dinner Too Bland? Try Beer Rice

Water is the default ingredient when cooking rice, but there’s no rule saying you can’t use other liquids. To this we say, put some beer and see what happens!

You’ll be glad to know that beer in rice won’t make you tipsy, as all the alcohol content will have evaporated during the process. What’s left will be the flavor, and depending on the type of beer you’d be cooking with beer for a long, long time.

Make Soup and Steam with Impunity...Using Beer?

There’s such a thing as beer-steamed clams, but you’re free to experiment with just about every variety of shellfish. Toss in some pepper, garlic or onion and cook until done. Enjoy with bread and do it again any chance you get!

If shellfish and seafood isn’t on the menu, don’t worry. Beer works great in just about any stew or soup. Meat-based stew and even veggie-based ones will have that unique flavor that’s inherently savory and satisfying.

Upset Stomach? Drink a Beer

Beer with dinner may sound like an excuse, but it helps calm down your tummy and accelerates digestion.

Alcohol can be a mild pain reliever, and its carbonated characteristic can help quicken the digestive process, although it’s not recommended for kids and those with serious stomach problems.

Supplement with Beer

Beer can be super rich in essential minerals such as iron, especially the dark varieties such as porters and stouts. You also get boron, silicon, potassium and magnesium, with each having its own benefits.

It’s not intended to replace real foods though, so don’t shy away from your normal proteins, fruits and vegetables.

Help Prevents Kidney Stones From Forming

Kidney stones are a serious matter, and beer might be the last thing on your mind when it comes to preventing this condition.

In moderation, you can stop kidney stones when you drink beer, especially the ones that have a high hop content. This is because it prevents calcium deposits in the liver, and being a diuretic you’re forced to get rid of waste through the bladder and kidneys.

Final Say

There are many more, but these are just some of the things you can do with beer, other than drinking it. So, the next time you’re about to throw away that half-empty can of yesterday’s beer, put it to good use instead.

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