Conical Ferementer
7.9 - Gallon

The FastFerment Conical Fermenter Is One Of The Easiest Ways To Consistently Make Great Beer, Wine, Mead, & Cider From Home.

7.9 gallon fastferment conical fermenter

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The FastFerment Conical Fermenter is designed to make your beer brewing process run much smoother.  This fermenter will save you time and effort, while replacing your standard primary fermentation bucket and secondary glass carboy.

It is a single-stage fermenting unit that is intended to do all of your fermenting without transferring or racking to multiple vessels. The conical design limits the exposure of oxygen, while allowing the removal of yeast and trub which can help produce a much clearer beer and better, consistent results every time you brew.

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A Few Things To Consider Before Buying The FastFerment Conical Fermenter

Upgrading to a conical fermenter from a standard brewing bucket or glass carboy most certainly has its advantages when it comes to making a great beer.

Eliminating unnecessary steps, while saving time can make all the difference in the world on brewing day. But you should always take a good look at your options and then decide which one will work best for your brewing needs.  Not just now, but also into your future brewing plans.

How Many Gallons Do You Plan To Brew

This size fermenter is perfect for brewing a 5-gallon batch of beer.  If you plan on fermenting a volume size of 5.5 or 6-gallons, a blow-off tube should be used instead of the included airlock.

However, if you are more interested in making 1 to 3-gallons of beer or wine, smaller fermenters are available and would probably be better suited for the smaller batches.

The Material Of The Fermenter

As you have probably already seen, fermenting vessels can be made from food-grade plastic, stainless-steel, or glass.  Each one of these materials have their advantages and disadvantages when comparing to each other.

This particular fermenting tank and parts are made of a food-grade durable plastic that can scratch, but should last many years if properly taken care of. 

Although a stainless-steel fermenter might be more rugged, and more sleek-looking, they are much more costly than ones made of plastic.

Your Spending Budget

This fermenter is perfect for a new or the experienced homebrewer and it’s an affordable option. But if you are looking to spend less money, there are less expensive options to choose from, but many of these items are designed for small batch brewing.

But on the flip side, if you plan on brewing more frequently and have a larger spending budget, you might want to a look at a stainless-steel system that has a few bells and whistles that are already included.

Your Brewing Space

One advantage that a plastic brew bucket or glass carboy has over a conical style fermenter is the size and the amount of space that it takes up.

A brew bucket or carboy can be placed practically anywhere while it is doing its thing and then be easily stored when you are finished brewing.  Many conical fermenters are larger and heavier, and will take up more space in your kitchen, basement, or garage. Just make sure you have enough space available for whatever model you are looking to buy.

Main Features & Benefits Of This FastFerment Conical Fermenter

There are quite a few features and benefits when you use this fermenter to make home beer brewing or wine making much easier.

Removable 6" Top and Wide Mouth Opening

It has a 6″ removalable screw-on top with a large 6″ opening.  The wide-mouth opening makes it easy to transfer the wort from the brew kettle, easy to clean, easy to sanitize, easy to add fruit or other adjuncts to your beer.

Yeast Collection Ball

The yeast collection ball allows you to remove trub from the vessel without disturbing or mixing up the wort.  If you choose, you can also save money by harvesting the yeast and use it for your next brew.

Wall Mountable

For many homebrewers, having the space to brew beer and store the equipment is sometimes limited.  The FastFerment comes with the mounting brackets and hardware to hang on any wall. This can be a space-saver and can make kegging or bottle filling much simpler.

Light-Weight Construction

Another great feature is the use of a light-weight but heavy-duty plastic that weighs less than a glass carboy and much safer too.  Any vessel  that is filled with 5 or 6-gallons of beer or wine is heavy, but a glass carboy can shatter if dropped and cause serious injury.

What's Included In The Box

  • 7.9-Gallon Conical Style Fermenting Tank
  • Yeast Collection Ball
  • Stainless-Steel Thermowell
  • 3-Piece Airlock
  • 6″ Screw Top
  • 6″ Gasket
  • Wall Mount Brackets & Hardware
  • Bottle Filling Attachment
  • Hose Barb
  • Hose Clamp
  • Union Valve Fitting
  • Teflon Tape

FastFerment Conical Fermenter Pros

FastFerment Conical Fermenter Cons

Optional Accessories For The FastFerment

There are some additional accessories available that are not required with the purchase of the FastFerment, but can make things a little more convenient if you choose to buy.

Other Conical Fermenters Worth Looking At

If a conical fermenter is on your list of brewing equipment to upgrade, but looking for something different than this particular model, you do have other options.  One good thing about beer brewing equipment is there are always other choices to look at.

Here are a few other styles worth checking out.

BrewDemon Conical Fermenter

Craft a Brew Fermentation System

Ss Brewtech 7-Gallon Brew Bucket

FastFerment 3-Gallon

Are There Any Deal-Breakers?

No product is ever perfect. There are always things that you wish were better. In this case, since the ball-valve and all the threads are made of plastic, they can be a little more difficult to keep clean and can wear out. These plastic threads has the potential for leaks if they are too tight or not tightened enough.

Other than that, there really isn’t too much to complain about.

Final Say On The FastFerment Conical Fermenter

Overall for the price and what you get, this 7.9-gallon FastFerment Fermenter (say that 3 times fast) is a quality piece of homebrewing equipment.

For any homebrewer looking to move away from a standard brewing bucket and/or carboy, this one-stage fermenter is a great choice for those 5-gallon batches of homemade beer.

Happy Brewing!

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