How Many Beers are in a Keg – Different Keg Sizes and Comparison Chart

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In this article, we’ll cover the most common beer keg sizes and types. We’ll also tell you how many beers are in each of the kegs. 

Keg Sizes Chart

The amount of beers you will get out of a keg depends on a few things. Of course the keg size is a big factor, but it also depends if you are pouring 12 ounces or a pint, which is 16 ounces.

Listed below in this chart are the details of 6 common kegs for holding your favorite beer.

Mini KegCornelius KegSlim Quarter1/6 Barrel1/4 Barrel1/2 Barrel
Capacity - Gallon/Ounce1.32g / 169oz5.0g / 640oz7.75g / 992oz5.16g / 661oz7.75g / 992oz15.5g / 1984oz
12oz Beers1453825682165
16 oz Pints10.640624262124
Height/Weight9-7/8" / 13 lbs23" / 49 lbs23-3/8" / 87 lbs23-3/8" / 58 lbs13-7/8" / 87 lbs23-3/8" / 161 lbs
Diameter Size6-3/4"9"11-1/8"9-1/4"16-1/8"16-1/8"

In the next section, we’ll explain the different kinds of kegs in more detail. 

beer kegs

Most Common Keg Sizes and Types

Although there are more, these are six of the most popular and common beer keg types to choose from. There is certainly an ideal keg for what you are looking for.

Mini Keg

This keg is also calledBubba Kegand it is made to fit in a refrigerator or mini fridge. It’s a small beer keg that is highly accessible.

People that choose this keg size usually want to transport it with ease. It is perfect for going to a ball game for tailgating, boating, and camping trips.

The mini keg is often used for small batches of beer, which is why it is popular amongst homebrewers, or you can buy a mini-keg that is already filled with one of your favorite commercial beers

mini keg

How many beers are in a mini keg?

The mini keg holds about five liters. That is equal to 169.07 ounces, which is approximately 14 pints of beer.

  • Also known as: “Bubba”
  • Most common uses: Mostly for one time use
  • 12oz cans/bottles: 14
  • 16oz Pints: 10
  • Capacity: 1.32 gallons/169 ounces

Cornelius Keg

Also called Corny Keg, this type has either the pin-lock or ball-lock connection that was commonly seen in use with major soft drinks brands, like Coca-Cola and Pepsi, and were originally designed for the soda industry.

This is one of the keg types most commonly utilized by homebrewers because it can hold five gallons of beer, which amounts to the usual batch size when brewing at home, or about 40 pints of beer.

corny keg

Experienced homebrewers will probably tell you that their Corney is their best friend. It is very easy to maintain, use, and clean. No special equipment is necessary to clean this keg type, it simply opens up from the top and allows the user to effortlessly access the inside of it.

The Corney Keg works with two types of connectors. Modern kegs use the ball-lock and older models the pin-lock. It is a compatible keg for single, dual, or triple-tap kegerators. Since it works very well with small batches, it is ideal for at-home brewing.

  • Also known as: Corney keg, homebrewers keg, soda keg
  • Most common uses: Home brewing, soft drinks
  • 12oz cans/bottles: 53
  • 16oz Pints: 40
  • Capacity: 5 gallons/640 ounces

Slim Quarter

The Slim Quarter keg is also known as simply The Slim or Tall Quarter as well as Slim 1/4 BBL. It is a thinner version of the Quarter Barrel type. As slim as it is, it holds a hefty 62 pints of beer.

This type of keg is widely seen in spaces with limited storage and at small events. It works with a single, dual, or triple-tap kegerator. Unlike other kegs, it allows you to serve various types of beers from a single kegerator.

Because of its slim shape, this keg type can easily be stored together in multiples in a large cabinet.

  • Also known as: Slim 1/4 barrel, Tall Quarter, The Slim
  • Most common uses: Home use kegerators, small events
  • 12oz cans/bottles: 82
  • 16oz Pints: 62
  • Capacity: 7.75 gallons/992 ounces
slim quarter keg

Sixth Barrel Keg (1/6 Barrel)

This formidable keg goes by various names including Torpedo, Sixtel, Sixth Barrel, 1/6 BBL, and Log.

The sixth barrel keg appears to be very similar to the Corneilus Keg, but it’s about 9 pounds heavier. It’s also slightly taller and holds about 20 ounces more beer.

The sixth barrel keg works with a traditional valve system that utilizes a more traditional keg coupler for pouring instead of the pin or ball-lock connection seen in the Corney Kegs.

It is able to connect to single, dual, or triple-tap kegerators, and is often used at restaurants, bars, and clubs.

  • Also known as: Sixtel, Torpedo Keg, log
  • Most common uses: Restaurants and Bars
  • 12oz cans/bottles: 56
  • 16oz Pints: 42
  • Capacity: 5.16 gallons/661 ounces
1/6 barrel beer keg

Quarter Barrel Keg (1/4 Barrel)

Another popular keg is the 1/4 BBL, Pony, or Stubby Quarter Keg, as it is commonly called. Of course this keg is named “stubby” because it is short, which makes it exceptional for spaces that have limited storage or for small events.

Although short and stout, the quarter barrel keg still holds quite an impressive amount of beer. Because of its short and stubby form, this keg type is easily stacked in a refrigerated space to save space.

The quarter barrel keg works well with some single and dual-tap kegerators. 

When you have limited space, this stackable keg is very convenient. The only drawback when stacked is that you can only tap one quarter barrel keg at a time.

How many beers are in a quarter barrel keg?

The quarter barrel keg holds an impressive 62 pints of beer, or 82 cans/bottles. 

  • Also known as: Pony Keg, Stubby Quarter
  • Most common uses: Small groups and gatherings
  • 12oz cans/bottles: 82
  • 16oz Pints: 62
  • Capacity: 7.75 gallons/992 ounces

Half Barrel Keg (1/2 Barrel)

Also called Barrel of Beer, Full-Size Keg, Full Keg, and 1/2 BBL, this is the traditional and standard keg size you see at many big events, like concerts, festivals, and other commercial settings. 

The great advantage of the half barrel keg is that it holds 124 pints of beer while still fitting into most standard home kegerators. If you brew large batches, you can store a large amount of beer. It is also very easy to maintain and clean when you run out of beer. 

How many beers are in a half barrel keg?

The half barrel keg holds 165 bottles/cans, or 124 pints of beer. 

  • Also known as: Full-size Keg, Barrel of Beer
  • Most common uses: Large parties, concert venues
  • 12oz cans/bottles: 165
  • 16oz Pints: 124
  • Capacity: 15.5 gallons/1984 ounces

Final Say

Now that you have a better idea of the different keg styles and the amount of beer they hold, just make sure that whatever one you choose is compatible with the coupler on your kegerator or draft dispensing system.

Whether you are a homebrewer looking to keg your next batch of beer, or just want to keep fresh, cold beer on tap, kegging is a great way to enjoy a draft beer with friends or family.


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